Released on: November 14, 2007, 4:58 am

Press Release Author: ATIS

Industry: Defense

Press Release Summary: A low cost chemical agent cloud remote sensor employing
innovative technology based on a new concept of imaging spectrometry.

Press Release Body: Aix-en-Provence, France November 14, 2007-- Before wasting time
and money on classical gas detection systems that use laser/spot sensors and in most
cases can only detect one type of gas at a time, check with a leader in the field
ATIS, a French company specialized in the development of optronic infra red systems.
By employing innovative technology, ATIS have combined hyperspectral sensors and
infrared red light imagery to provide a one of a kind low-cost gas detector which
gives unprecedented results.
No newcomer in the gas detection technology, ATIS has spent over ten years creating
and modifying its detector system SPIM. Long distance detection capacity, real time
detection and identification of multiple gases at the same time, possibility to
choose gases to be detected from a predefined list, infrared image with color
overlapping of the gases detected, automatic alarms and environmental friendly are
just some of the advantages that set apart the system (SPIM). In fact the system
saves you hours and thousands of dollars. Moreover, ATIS is prepared to adapt its
system to your specific need. Availability and rapid response make this system
The SPIM system's ability to detect gases from a remote area and on a large surface
provides solutions to military and civilian security, environmental protection,
quick detection of chemical terrorist threats and industrial chemical agent
releases. Validated by the French Armament's General Direction for battle field
protection in the face of chemical alarms, the system is deployed on a site of the
interior ministry used for the storing of munitions.
Currently the SPIM technology is available in a ground version i.e. fixed version
installed and operating in the distant infra red range (8-12m) surveying ground
For more information or brochures please visit ATIS at or contact
information below.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact Person: Mr. Franois Carpentier (
Telephone: +33 4 42 97 53 15
Fax: +33 4 42 22 66 14

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