Balance in Streetzwear

Released on: November 21, 2007, 11:01 pm

Press Release Author: Christine Layug

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Balance means everything in our daily lives. Balance are also
applied when making some clothes, and the only clothing line that took this into
mind is the meezan art couture.

Press Release Body: The meezan clothing line is the only clothing line that took in
to mind the word "Balance". The meezan art couture was was founded by three men
named Mark Allen, Kenya Abdul-Hadi, Ibn Anderson, and Bariq Cobbs all from

The meezan art couture a niche brand of specialty one of a kind pieces, into a full
lifestyle clothing brand, specializing in innovative designs and artwork. They
believed that with balance, they will achieve what other have not, balancing fashion
from art.

The word meezan from the meezan art couture was derived from the Arabic word Mizan
which means balance, in which meezan art couture was built upon. The Mizan is also a
name of a book that was written by a Pakistani Islamic scholar named Javed Ahmad
Ghamidi, in which contains a comprehensive treatise on the contents of Islam.

The meezan art couture revolutionized the way we wear clothes because of its
stunning artwork and still retaining its fashionable features. There are a lot of
shops and online shops that provides such clothing line like the meezan art couture,
and among them is the Streetzwear.

Streetzwear is an online shop that specializes in selling different kinds of fashion
clothes such as the meezan art couture, miskeen, sean john, rocawear, apple bottoms,
house of dereon, gino green global, new era, makaveli, enyce, lei, mudd and many
more. Streetzwear also provides mind blowing discounts on all of their merchandize,
such as the meezan art couture clothing line. So if you want to know more about the
meezan art couture clothing line and other clothing line then visit Streetzwear at

Web Site:

Contact Details: 6820173

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