Released on: November 15, 2007, 5:09 am

Press Release Author: IPR Belarus (Institute of Public Relations)

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Benjamin Dessange, the son of famous Jasques Dessange, Head of present day
Dessange corporation, has visited Minsk on the 14th of November, 2007. His visit
to Minsk was dedicated to 50 years anniversary of the first hairdressing Dessange
salon's appearance in Paris.

The history of trade mark Dessange started in 1956 when a young barber Jasques
Dessange opened the first beauty salon at Franklin Ruzvelt Avenue not so far from
Elisey Fields in Paris. It was a post war time when people and women especially got
tired with hardships and difficulties of war and new beauty images were required.
Jasques Dessange appeared to be the creator of Coiffe-Decoiffe image - lively
style in haircut. Thanks to that technique hair style has become light and lively.
It did not require big amount of hair arrange materials, time and effort. The
creation of global beauty concept - harmonious image with considered combination of
hair style, make up and women' individuality has become the main principle of
Jasques Dessange's work.

Today Dessange group combines several trade marks, has its own cosmetics
manufacturing factory, where means of hair care, face and body care are produced and
decorative cosmetics also. The group is presented by 700 salons in thirty eight
countries worldwide and Belarus primarily.

Dessange is one of the francise salons which has become the first trade marked
hairdressing salon' in 1997 not only in Belarus but in post Soviet territory. His
unique features are traced in strict follow to internal rules of the company and
instant reaction to tendencies' changes which are vividly presented 2 times a year:
winter- autumn, spring- summer. It can also be noticed in exclusive techniques of
hair cut which are adapted to clients' individuality and way of life.

Internal rules-Dessange Codex-was worked up by Dessange specialists which is
unique for every single hairdressing salon worldwide. Dessange was an official
hairdresser partner of Slavyansky Bazar festival, Cosmopolitan beauty
competition, Patricia Kass concerts in Minsk, Olga Barabanshchikova, Natalya
Andreychenko, Lolita, Alyona Sviridova, Irina Otyeva, Marina Golub, Nikolay
Skorikov's images creator and of other celebrities.

The ability to please a client is both art and science at the same time. One can
not be called a professional when he does just what the client is asking him to do,
- Benjamin Dessange, Head of D.F.Export company (Dessange trade mark). - The
real professional is an expert who is always able to estimate hair and skin
condition for a moment correctly, who is able to advise and help to escape
unpleasant consequences. For the specialists of Dessange salons' who are more than
1000 nowadays taking into account three different trade marks specialists' quantity
master classes are held in Paris. Specialists are getting to know the latest
novelties in beauty industry, have the opportunity to improve their professional
level regularly. Only the master of his trade is able to get trust and respect of
his client.

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