Hollywood Stars Illuminate Visionary`s Second Coming for US Auto Industry Innovative carmaker to unveil `The New Detroit` and it`s green

Released on: November 22, 2007, 8:56 am

Press Release Author: Jason Hardison/Austin Media Group

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Company Founder and CEO Alfred J. DiMora, who some have
dubbed \"the new Iacocca\", is the visionary behind the movement. He explains,
\"Detroit is in trouble. The U.S. car industry is in trouble. Our environment is in
trouble. These are things that can be saved.\"

Press Release Body:
Palm Springs, CA - November 19, 2007 - DiMora Motorcar has unveiled a bold plan to
bring the Motor City back to its heyday in the auto manufacturing business.

Company Founder and CEO Alfred J. DiMora, who some have dubbed \"the new Iacocca\", is
the visionary behind the movement. He explains, \"Detroit is in trouble. The U.S. car
industry is in trouble. Our environment is in trouble. These are things that can be

U.S. automakers have lost large swaths of the global and domestic markets to foreign
competitors over the last 30 years with experts citing a product line lacking in
diversity. Alfred DiMora is answering the distress calls with a new paradigm for

His mission? Simple. Reintroduce a time-tested industry mantra: American innovation.
Marrying the technological triumphs of Silicon Valley with the still beating heart
of the American automotive industry, DiMora is bridging worlds to create what truly
will be known as \"The New Detroit\", rethinking the way we look at cars from bumper
to bumper.

DiMora Motorcar is currently developing the first eco-friendly, hand-built, $2
million production automobile. The Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, their premier
creation, will be the world\'s most luxurious, expensive, and
technologically-advanced vehicle.

\"The Natalia establishes a new class of luxury automobiles,\" says American Idol
Producer, Ron De Shay. \"Unrivaled, it\'s simply in a league all its own.\"

DiMora has assembled a team of leading-edge Technology Partners such as NVIDIA,
Advanced Technology and Design, Brembo, Mercury Computer Systems, Azentek, and
Robot-Racing. Their collective ingenuity is outfitting the Natalia with a broad
spectrum of features never before seen in one automobile, showcasing such amenities
as temperature-responsive color-changing paint, heated windshield wipers, headlights
that house video projectors, personal on-board computers with terabytes of storage,
an all-glass top with variable shades on command, and soy-based seat cushions. These
are only a few of hundreds of innovations that will appear in the Natalia SLS 2.

\"Alfred DiMora is a technological visionary and genius who walks in the tradition of
the Thomas Edisons and the Henry Fords,\" says celebrity sports agent and
eco-friendly business developer, Leigh Steinberg.

DiMora is also incorporating the latest advancements in alternative fuels engine
technology. The \"Ethanol ReformerT,\" a patent-pending breakthrough invention in
motor development, is a flex-fuel valve that will allow the Natalia to run on
ethanol, E-85, or gasoline, dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions while
increasing fuel efficiency.

\"I\'m excited to see creative car producers exploring fuel sources that can be
harvested from Middle America instead of the Middle East,\" says country music legend
and alternative energy advocate, Willie Nelson. \"America can lead the way with
renewable and sustainable energy like we once did with oil and gas. This is the
light at the end of the tunnel and it\'s not a freight train!\"

Although available in many custom colors, the Natalia reflects green. Not only is
DiMora Motorcar exploring other flex-fuel options, the vehicle is also 95 percent

\"I was blown away by the Natalia, its design, and everything that it embraces,\" says
Courtney Hansen, former host of Overhaulin\', author of The Garage Girl\'s Guide to
Everything You Need to Know About Your Car, and host of Fox Television\'s full
throttle adventure series Destination Wild. \"Alfred DiMora will forever change the
way cars are designed and built.\"

The Natalia is the flagship of DiMora Motorcar, intended to serve as a showpiece and
educational tool illustrating the endless engineering capabilities from a vast
arsenal of American innovation. It will be followed by more affordable vehicles,
bringing these exciting advancements to the worldwide public.

\"Reminiscent of the race for space, his car is a platform for untold advances in
technology and industry,\" says Steinberg. \"What I\'m saying is that this is not
simply a car; it\'s a catalyst for technological breakthrough. It\'s made in
America--its components are made in America--so DiMora is creating a synergistic
effect in stimulating a variety of American companies and advances in job production
and international competitiveness--which is just what this country needs at this

Alfred DiMora\'s work belt is heavily notched with past automotive and technological
triumphs. He rebuilt a burned-out 1939 Buick before he was old enough to drive and
eventually headed the company that developed and sold nearly 600 high-end
Clenets--\"The American Rolls-Royce\"--that were purchased by celebrities, royalty,
and other motor enthusiasts worldwide. At the age of 30 he and the Clenet were
inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1986 for the Centennial Year of the
Gasoline-powered Automobile. DiMora created and marketed the first ready-to-use
50/50 antifreeze, which quickly became a bestseller. He also co-founded the firm
that produced the unique luxury sports car, the Sceptre, and created the
supercomputer company Star Bridge Systems whose customers include NASA and the U.S.
Air Force.

\"DiMora reminds me of a young Lee Iacocca,\" says actor, auto enthusiast, and green
energy proponent Larry Hagman, \"...conjuring a forgotten time when a name carried
meaning and a craftsman\'s fingerprints were scattered across every intricacy that
goes into making an engine flawlessly hum.\"

The design, build, and production of the Natalia will be widely broadcast through a
vast array of media venues, serving literally as a vehicle to elevate social,
environmental, and technological awareness for billions of people worldwide. DiMora
is known for attracting an eclectic crowd. His Clenets attracted buyers ranging from
Rod Stewart to Sylvester Stallone, Farrah Fawcett to King Hussein of Jordan.

Once again commanding red carpet acclaim, DiMora\'s forthcoming Natalia has already
captured the interest of notables including Adrien Brody, Kathy Ireland, Larry
Hagman, and Jay Leno.

\"The Natalia could be the biggest revolution since the Beatles,\" says Steve Rossi,
the comedic performer who shared the stage with John, Paul, George, and Ringo when
they were first introduced to America on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. \"It has a
star quality exhibiting traits of imminent iconic status.\"

The name Natalia literally means \"rebirth\", exactly what DiMora intends to deliver.
Setting sights to become a major contender in the car business within the next five
to eight years, DiMora Motorcar may be just the polish needed to put a new shine on
America\'s automobile industry, ushering in an automotive renaissance worthy of
DiMora\'s \"New Detroit.\"

\"Detroit was once the world\'s greatest engine of ingenuity in automobile design and
engineering,\" says DiMora. \"I\'m here to tell you that we\'re bringing back the
passion and spirit of the great American car manufacturers.\"

Wish you were along for the ride? DiMora Motorcar recently announced an
unprecedented opportunity for potential corporate sponsors and technology partners.
The company is presently recruiting participants to collaborate in the vehicle\'s
ongoing design and development. For participation information visit

\"Alfred DiMora\'s Natalia promises to be the tidal wave of innovation this country
needs to dramatically raise the high water mark of American technological progress,\"
says Cliff Sands, President of Advanced Technology and Design Inc, one of DiMora
Motorcar\'s featured technology partners. \"I can\'t think of a better distinction than
to share in the spotlight of such a noble and surely historical project. This is a
unique and rare collaborative opportunity with the potential for unparalleled
exposure and return.\"

The first prototype Natalia SLS 2 is scheduled for completion in late 2009 and
slated for worldwide debut in Beverly Hills, California. The automobile will then be
under exhibition to the public in Palm Springs coinciding with a celebration at the
factory. The Natalia will continue on its global unveiling tour with showings in New
York, Florida, Geneva, Dubai, and other prestigious showcases. The automobile will
be exhibited extensively at major technology and motor vehicle shows around the

\"We\'ve gone through a period where it appears as if America\'s best days of
international competition are behind us--that this country is no longer producing
enough mathematicians, engineers, and scientists to compete globally,\" says
Steinberg. \"But here comes Alfred DiMora to say we still have the capability to
dream the dreams, create the solutions, and produce the products that the world
needs and will buy.\"


Web Site: http://dimoramotorcar.com

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