Let this be a Fiesta!

Released on: November 21, 2007, 9:20 pm

Press Release Author: Christine Layug

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: When it comes to festivals or fiestas, specially here in the
philippines, Philippine Lechon are commonly found.

Press Release Body: The Philippine Lechon is the most favored cuisine when it comes
to Filipinos. A Philippine Lechon or simly lechon is often cooked during national
festivities (known as fiestas), the holiday season, and other special occasions such
as weddings, graduations, birthdays and baptisms, or family get-togethers.

The Philippine Lechon is usually the highlight and the most popular dish of such
events. But where does the filipinos got the name lechon in the Philippine Lechon?
The name lechon in Philippine Lechon is a spanish word of suckling pig which means a
young pig that has only fed on its mother\'s milk. The piglet is killed between the
ages of two to six weeks and traditionally roasted, Philippine Lechon connotes a
whole roasted pig.

The Philippine Lechon was originally introduced to the Philippines as a part of
Spanish cuisine and can be found in many Hispanic countries. Leche means milk in
Spanish and lechn originally meant suckling piglet. Other historical evidence
traces the origin of lechn to Chinese immigrants.

The process of making some Philippine Lechon is fairly simple when you look at it.
The process of making some Philippine Lechon involves the whole pig/piglet, chicken,
or cattle/calf being slowly roasted over charcoal while coating the Philippine
Lechon with some spices. You will know easily when the pig is done when the skin
turnes to orange, a bit redish, then after that its called Philippine Lechon.

The process of making the Philippine Lechon is similar in method to Chinese Peking
duck, Balinese Guling celeng, or Western suckling pig, this day-long and arduous
method of roasting leaves a crispy skin and very moist meat inside.

Leftover Philippine Lechon in the Philippines is easily recycled into another
delectable dish, called Paksiw na Lechon. Paksiw na Lechon involves cooking the
left-over Lechon by boiling it in vinegar making the meat moist and the skin very
soft or sometimes cooked on gravy. If you want to know more about the Philippine
Lechon then visit http://www.expressregalo.com

Web Site: http://www.expressregalo.com

Contact Details: 6820173

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