Marsha Kantor: Making A Big Splash In The Travel Industry Helping Entrepreneurs Cruise to Success


Released on: November 10, 2007, 11:47 pm

Press Release Author: Marsha Kantor

Industry: Small-Business

Press Release Summary: The Travel Industry is Booming... and so will the Careers of Entrepreneurs via Marsha Kantor's Mentorship with Cruise to Cash

Press Release Body: The Cruise to Cash program is unique in the marketplace. A program that is not only fun, but it is built on a rock-solid foundation of honesty and integrity and is the opportunity of the 21st Century!

No other program or company has put together quite as good a combination of product features and compensation plan. Vacations work in every market and almost every group of people… from young adult to old, from newlywed to retiree. It doesn’t matter… Everyone Loves Vacations!

People love to travel and with the System I market entrepreneurs have the ability to tap into this $7 trillion dollar per year industry which is EXPECTED TO DOUBLE by the end of the decade "and build up a lucrative income from the comfort of their home office," said 57 year old Marsha Kantor.

This industry is BOOMING and positioning yourself to take advantage of a growing trend with Cruise to Cash couldn't have come at a better time with the Holidays around the corner and the start of a New Year , said Marsha Kantor

I want to show You a quick example of why this program is so powerful! Marsha Kantor EXPLAINS: " Say you join at the Cruiser level which is $997. One of your vacation packages is 4 nights in Hawaii and one of the hotels included is the Outrigger. The standard cost per night at the Outrigger is approx. $250/night which would cost $1000 for 4 nights. Your cost is $30/night which is $120. So, with one vacation you have almost saved enough in lodging to pay for your membership fee"

And, with the Cruiser Level membership you can do this for weekends and other full weeks anytime you want. There is no limit and every vacation voucher comes with options of hotel or destination or both. And, we haven’t even discussed the business side. If you turn around and promote this incredible offer to others and they Purchase a Cruiser Level membership, you make an additional $997 and now you have covered the cost of membership!

If you want to get into a business promoting a product, you will be hard-pressed to find a more attractive product than this particularly when you combine it with the marketing materials… an Automated Marketing System that will close sales 24/7/365, a 6 minute introduction movie rated 'IR' for Internet Riches and lead capture pages. There are also PRE-DESIGNED ADVERTISEMENTS, BUSINESS CARDS and POSTCARDS allow individuals to plug in and start generating success almost immediately. A REAL INDUSTRY, REAL PRODUCTS, an AUTOPILOT MARKETING SYSTEM, 100% COMMISSION PAYOUTS along with a RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME that continues to Build as you grow the Business .

The products are not "Miracle" Juice drinks, e-Books or Overpriced Personal Development seminars but actual Vacation Vouchers that save individuals money and offers companies a great marketing tool to build long term respect with clients," said Marsha Kantor.

Did you know that the travel industry is larger than the oil business. The average American spends 10% - 15% of their income on travel and over 70% of all travel is booked over the internet.

People and Corporations are already spending BILLIONS of dollars a year on travel. You can use this opportunity to help capture a small portion of that money as your own income in this home Business Opportunity with Marsha Kantor and Cruise to Cash.

Marsha Kantor has spent the past 2 decades in Real Estate as a Broker with REMAX. "Great timing to be involved then and now great timing for me to have looked at other options. The current situation in that marketplace made me shift my career focus and when I looked in detail at how large the Travel Industry was and how Travel will always be sector of our society regardless of the economic climate I became determined to look at options that made sense from a business entrepreneur standpoint. This model offers simplicity and diversification for folks from all walks of life, all forms of education and all age brackets. says New Jersey Native Marsha Kantor who is all about building personal relationships with the team she sponsors to insure their continued Success.

With a true monthly residual program, I have a vested interest in everyone on My team doing well for the long term. I have teamed up with the best trainer and mentor in the online marketing industry and I build personal relationships with the team I sponsors to insure their continued Success.

Come aboard with me and Join the Success My Team is experiencing!

In the next 3 years more than 75 million people will set up their own home business. Don't be left behind..!

ATTENTION: Internet Marketers, Direct Marketers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Independent Business Professionals… This ones for YOU!!!!

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