SmartFinds Internet Marketing Opens Free Article Directory Service as a Content Marketing Source

Released on: November 28, 2007, 3:26 pm

Press Release Author: Esther Knapp

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: - "Content is King" in the digital marketplace, particularly
for the search engines. In order for the search engines to provide responses to
users' search requests, there must be content that is indexed from web pages. The
importance of content has been a reality since the commercialization of the Internet
in the early 1990s; and today, it is even more important for a business to utilize
content to increase visibility and promotion of their website.

Press Release Body: SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides corporations with
complete digital marketing solutions. CEO Melih Oztalay has thirteen years
experience with Internet and digital services in developing strategies that utilize
all facets of the World Wide Web.

"Content marketing is not only about the text copy on your website, but also the
distribution of this content throughout the digital marketplace" said Oztalay. "Our
article marketing directory is a depository to authors, webmasters, and business
owners to place their articles, editorials, white papers, and news releases. This
will benefit the business by increasing their link popularity and driving traffic
from more than just search engines."

SmartFinds Directory, which can be found at,
will help businesses with an article depository. The directory has several features
that are valuable to both writers and webmasters alike. Article notification allows
a free member to be notified by email of articles that are submitted to selected
categories. Article RSS feeds allow webmasters to publish RSS feeds to their
websites for automatic content update as articles are added to selected categories.
The free membership also allows easy management of posted articles, article
statistics, and member profile.

The volume of content in the digital marketplace has been growing exponentially in
the past couple of years. User-based content in social communities and more
businesses are discovering how powerful article writing can be as part of their
digital marketing efforts. As part of this boom, article directory submissions have
been at record levels, and there does not appear to be a reduction in this process
in the near future.

In order to promote businesses digitally, SmartFinds begins with extensive research
to determine how the Internet community uses the Internet relative to topics. Once
the research is completed, SmartFinds commences with modifications to the website,
and then engages in a variety of content based marketing programs in the
multi-dimensional environment of the World Wide Web. The SmartFinds Directory will
add to their service offerings.

"Our focus is to have a multi-directional marketing campaign that will drive traffic
to a business website from more than just search engines", said Oztalay. "Our
digital marketing campaign with the directory will provide additional staying power
on the digital marketplace."

About SmartFinds Internet Marketing
SmartFinds is a digital marketing agency providing mid- to large-sized corporations
with digital creative, digital marketing, and digital advertising solutions. The
most critical element of SmartFinds Internet Marketing service is the creativity and
imagination to apply the technological aspects of the digital marketplace to the
marketing objectives of a particular business. Initial research provides SmartFinds
the ability to develop a digital strategy that can be measured every step of the
way. Some of SmartFinds clients include BASF Chemicals, Delphi, Guardian
Industries, McCann Erickson, and Vietnam Veterans of America. You can learn more
about SmartFinds at

Web Site:

Contact Details: P.O.Box 370
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
866) 501-5758.

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