Solve the BIG problem with Apple Bottoms

Released on: November 5, 2007, 5:12 pm

Press Release Author: christine

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: We have to always think that not all women has a super model
body, which is why Nelly has started the Apple Bottoms to help those that have a Big

Press Release Body: Every woman around the world wanted to feel more feminine with
what they're wearing, and even those women that have a little excess baggage
hanging. A lot of people have said that to feel feminine, you have to think
feminine. But some cannot feel feminine if they cannot think feminine, because of
some clothing line are way too small for them to fit, which is why the famous rapper
and artist and entrepreneur Cornelius Haynes Jr. or Nelly have founded a clothing
line that helps women that has a BIG problem on clothes, which is called the
applebottoms clothing line for women.

The name applebottoms was derived from the term for a woman with a large rounded
behind, and with its logo of apple shaped back pockets. Nelly founded the
applebottoms because he believed that clothes should fit a woman, and not the woman
should fit the clothes.

The applebottoms brand name, synonymous to the voluptuous behinds of target
consumers, is meant to draw attention to the fact that not every woman has a
supermodel body figure. The applebottoms are flattering to women with curvy figures
and are offered in a myriad of washes and rises.

So this is why Nelly has designed the applebottoms jean that will fit to every
woman's taste and hips. The applebottoms jeans are very helpful for everyone that
has a problem with their size, but there is still the matter of the price which is
still heavy for other, which is why Streetzwear is here.

Streetzwear is an online shop that deals with selling different kinds of fashionable
clothing line such as the applebottoms for a price that can be easily afforded by
everyone. So if your want more information on applebottoms or Streetzwear
merchandize then visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: 6820173

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