Youtomo: Every company needs their own mobile Internet site!


Released on: November 19, 2007, 4:05 am

Press Release Author: NINJ Ltd

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: „Mobilize your business!“ says NINJ, the innovative Swiss developer of mobile games and applications. On a new community platform for small and medium-sized companies has been launched, allowing a trouble-free set up of mobile Internet sites. It is a free service where no
advertisement will spoil the appearance of the site and where an existing URL can be used for the mobile site as well!

Press Release Body: Mobile Internet having web pages that look good on all kinds of mobile devices and that utilize their full capabilities is becoming a necessity for small and medium-sized companies. Their customers deserve to be informed at any time and wherever they are.

Without any technical knowledge you can in a few minutes create your own mobile site using www.youtomo. Logos and pictures can be uploaded and the look and feel can be adapted to your corporate design. YOUTOMO is not a simple mobile web builder but offers a vast variety of new possibilities- for example, when a phone number is placed on a mobile page, a simple click is enough to call the company immediately. Sites can easily be updated on the go from a mobile device as well as from a PC, and a blog on the mobile site is ideal for publishing fast news. YOUTOMO provides a simple script to be inserted into the standard website’s starting page that will redirect users of mobile devices to the mobile site. In this way, the standard URL can also be used for the mobile Internet site and no additional address has to be communicated. A business directory of all companies that join Youtomo makes it easy for your site to be found and also enhances link popularity. And best of all, YOUTOMO is a free service that will not spoil your mobile site with unwanted advertisements.

Should a company require more than the five free mobile pages that are offered, or if specific visual design or additional functional features are needed (from business solutions to connecting with existing content management systems), NINJ will be happy to provide them.

YOUTOMO was developed with the NINJ Community Tool & Publishing Platform (CTPP), the most comprehensive system for companies and communities for the mobile Internet.

For further information, please contact:
Jürg Ingold, NINJ Ltd, Phone: +41 43 344 55 33,,

Web Site:

Contact Details: NINJ Ltd
Rautistr. 60
8048 Zurich
Contact: Juerg Ingold, +41 43 344 55 33,,


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