Author of `Kelsey` Sees Alien in Her Kitchen

Released on: December 22, 2007, 7:37 am

Press Release Author: Kelsey White

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Author of the science fiction and fantasy junor novel,
Kelsey, was sitting at her computer when she saw a creature. The alien was
reflected in a window pane.

Press Release Body:
Sharon was sitting behind her computer in the breakfast nook. She was finishing up
her manuscript about a twelve year old girl who transforms into a new alien species.
For just a moment, she glances out the window. A dark shape caught her eye.

'Was that some neighborhood kid cutting through her yard?' thought Sharon.

Staring at it, she realized it was NOT from outside. The figure was reflected in
the window pane, which meant it was IN the house.

'Oh, it must be Kelley,' she thought.

After all, Kelley was always sneaking up on her. She would place her hands over
Sharon's eyes and ask, "Who is it?"

However, if it was Kelley, why is she lumbering? And, is she wearing some kind of
mask which has the shape of a small football?

She sat staring at it as it continued to creep towards her. Sharon was too afraid
to turn around. Suddenly, the creature stopped. It LOOKED right at her! It
appeared surprised.

Sharon closed her eyes for only a moment.

'This can not be REAL! There is no way an alien is coming out of my kitchen.'

A flash of light flickered off to her right. Sharon looked back at the window pane.
The alien had vanished. She turned around to check behind her. Nothing was there!

It is possible Sharon was only hallucinating. Maybe, she spent too many hours
writing a story about an alien girl. Or, perhaps it is true! What if there are
aliens among us?

BIO: Sharon Oberne is the author of the book, "Kelsey." Kelsey is a junior novel
about an alien girl living on the planet, Earth. Sharon's email: Link to book:

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2307 W. Moody Avenue
Plant City, Florida

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