Released on: December 10, 2007, 3:38 pm

Press Release Author: The GM

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Independent Record Label Seeking Funding

Press Release Body: Dash In Entertainment & Records a fully functional
underground indie label ready for DEALS of all kind.
Under the direction of The GM as she is called has
been working underground since 01 but created the
label while incarcerated on a 12 yr spent at TDC in
19998. \"I use to see the magazines Vibe and The Source
and it was so interested what was going on in the
music biz. But it wasn\'t until a friend of mine there
mention the words \"supply\" and \"demand\" at the same
time a Young lady who I work with in the kitchen said
she was a rapper looking to get signed. I mentally
form the idea. So Dreamer Brown became Dash In first
agree to Artist.

Working since her release in 2001 exclusively
underground 6 1/2 years straight she says \"I\'ve been
setting my groundwork and putting my system in place\".
I\'ve done the bulk of artist development and creating
their image for my 5 Artist.. in which is most
important thing to me because I didn\'t want just a 1
hit wonder but want the Artist to continue the path.
If you\'ve deleveloped him or her then they will be
ready for the next step as it comes about or unfold.
This is the first time ever me approcaching anyone to
get a label deal, I wanted to be completely ready

Label Deal
Muliti Artist Deal
Multi-Song Deal
Exculsive Joint Venture
Gobal Ringtone Deal
Syndication Deal

Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/dashineast

Contact Details: Dash In Entertainment
1712 E. Riverside Dr. Box 33
Austin, TX 78741
Email: dashinent@gmail.com
Send Your Complete Offer To
The Email Above

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