Released on: December 18, 2007, 9:03 am

Press Release Author: Bill Hunt PR

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: - Successful launch of DG's Web Shop (
makes it the Number Two digital account globally behind iTunes for Universal
- Initial consumer response overwhelmingly positive
- Gifting downloads launched today

Press Release Body: Deutsche Grammophon (DG) today announces impressive interim
download figures following the launch of its DG Web Shop ( As a
division of Universal Music Group, it was the first major record label to make the
majority of its large catalogue available for download online and the response has
mirrored the demand that was believed to be out there.

According to Deutsche Grammophon, in DG Web Shop's first week it saw two million
page impressions and 85,000 unique visitors to the site resulting in 50,000+ music
downloads. These visitors came from all over Europe, the US, Asia and South America.
The top five countries being the US, Germany, UK, France and Switzerland,

The landmark move from Deutsche Grammophon comes at a time when many are predicting
a resurgence in the popularity of classical music. This, combined with the
phenomenon that is digital downloading, makes for a desired and much needed

Michael Lang, President of Deutsche Grammophon, commented on this growing trend:
"The uptake of portable mp3 players combined with the convenience of online shopping
has driven market development opportunities for classical music, making it
accessible to whole new audiences. This is a genuine cultural shift, and it's set to
grow - the future will see digital and mobile music revenue offsetting the fall in
CD sales.

Lang continued, "Digital delivery channels are driving music consumption to its
highest ever levels as consumers demand access to music in more ways than ever.
We're also seeing a growing number of entry points for classical music virgins, who
can now access the genre via multiple channels including TV adverts, classical music
radio stations, compilations and feature films. Classical music is growing in
popularity, and over the coming years we can expect to see it grow even more as it's
embraced by the iPod generation."

As of today and in time for Christmas, the DG Web Shop will introduce the feature of
gifting downloads (albums, works, tracks) as presents to friends and family and the
first 1000 customers to download an album will receive a free bonus album download
of The Greatest Classical Christmas.

Also, from 27th December the DG web shop will introduce its first sales promotion,
with the top 100 albums available, for a limited time only, for download at a 20 per
cent discounted rate.

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