Do You Know Who Your Customers Are

Released on: December 30, 2007, 6:22 pm

Press Release Author: Al Krauza / AdCalls

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Give away FREE World-Wide Long Distance Calling and watch
your business explode. AdCalls is offering the most affordable CRM (Customer
Relationship Marketing) solution for small and medium size businesses; helping them
develop a permission email and cell number customer data base.

Press Release Body: Your business will not grow unless you communicate with your
customers. You cannot communicate with your customers unless you know who they are.
Most business owners do not know who their customers are.

If you were to get an email or text message from your favorite restaurant, offering
a free 2 for 1 dinner, would you go? Of course you would... and they would love to
send you that text or email. But, they Do Not Know Who you Are! They may recognize
your face, but they do not have your email address or cell phone number, and they
don't know how to ask you for it.

AdCalls has the solution. The AdCalls Ad Supported VOIP and Mobile Marketing
Program offers small and medium businesses the most affordable-instant results CRM
program in the industry.

To "Get You Have To Give". If you give your customers FREE World-Wide Long Distance
Calling, they will give you their email address and cell number. Giving your
customers a FREE customized World-Wide Calling Card not only creates good will, but
also puts your business name right in their hand and when they use their cell phone
to make a World-Wide call, they will receive a voice ad about your business,
followed by a custom Text Message coupon that will being them back again. Best of
all, you now have the permissioned cell number in your data base for future instant
coupons text sending.

If your customer chooses to install your Private Label soft phone dialer onto their
computers, your company logo will be positioned on their computer desktop. The
dialer, customized to your company design is capable of calling any home phone, cell
phone or business phone in the world, from any country in the world. As long as a
customer has internet connection, a PC to Phone call can be made. Unlimited
PC-to-PC calls can also be completed anywhere in the world.

For as little as $50 per month, any business in the world can have the most
effective CRM program available today from AdCalls, Inc.

For more information contact: Al Krauza 949-305-3050

Web Site:

Contact Details: AdCalls, Inc.
Att: Al Krauza, President
72 Argonaut #140
Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656

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