Finding Cheap Auto Transport and Car Shipping

Released on: December 17, 2007, 10:43 am

Press Release Author: Kimberly

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: If you are moving a regular passenger car, and want to
research different car transport options there are many possibilities in today's
auto transport industry offered to the discerning customer. Open vehicle transport
is the most economical and popular option for moving classic collector vehicles or
everyday cars.

Press Release Body: If you are moving a standard passenger car and want to
investigate different car transport trailer options there are many possibilities in
today's auto shipping industry offered to the discerning customer. Open multi-car
transport is the most economical and popular option for moving unrestored collector
vehicles or everyday cars.

In most situations, your car will be conveyed on an eight or 10-car carrier, the
same kind of trucks used to deliver new cars. These trucks are 75 to 80 feet long
and about 13 feet high. They can be difficult to maneuver and are limited to major
roads that are free of low hanging trees and low clearance bridges. Make sure you
are aware of this fact when directing the truck to the pick-up location or to your

When a transporter mentions pick up window they are referring to the time
surrounding your pick up date. For instance some shippers may have a 14 day window -
that way they can pick your vehicle up anywhere between seven days before and seven
days after your pick up date. Lower priced carriers will not specify their pick up
dates, you however may receive an outstanding price. The down side is that you may
not see your vehicle for four or five weeks.

Make sure that the cheap car transport company you choose shows proof of their
federal license and insurance requirements. There are many transport companies who
do not carry the federal license, bond, or insurance requirements, and will move
your car for a low fee, but this leaves you unprotected against theft and damage.

When you are shopping around for an inexpensive car transport service confirm what
the total cost of the shipping will be right up front, this will help identify any
hidden costs that may arise during the transport, like a fuel surcharge or extra
road insurance. As you obtain quotes from several car transport and auto shipping
companies, be prepared to provide: origin of pick-up destination, departure date,
size and type of cars, type of car transport service you need like door-to-door car
transport as opposed to terminal-to-terminal.

Terminal-to-terminal is almost always cheaper. Special car mover or auto shipping
requests will usually incur additional costs. If your vehicle is not delivered
within the agreed upon dates some cheaper auto transport companies will reimburse
you some amount of cash per day towards the rental of an automobile, keep your

With today's multitude of competing car transport businesses, your chances for
finding cheap car transport services are excellent, you can be assured that your
search for the best inexpensive car transport service will not go unrewarded. provides detailed information about car transport
services and trailers, as well as advice on locating an cheap, domestic and
international car transport company for your standard, classic, or exotic car.

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