How can a Little Guy Network build a Big Guy Income

Released on: December 14, 2007, 6:49 pm

Press Release Author: Antonio Easte

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: How can a Little Guy Network build a Big Guy Income?

Press Release Body: Do you ever wonder why so many people rarely succeed with any 1
up program such as the Little Guy Network? Here's a good rule of thumb..if the
program sound cheesy it usually is! So many online programs have no idea on how to
market, and they expect their "new" members to start off on the right foot. They
expect newbies to jump out there and start making sales without any training...or
more like, lack of the right training. These online programs have so-called
sponsors that are supposed to help the new members and teach them the "ropes". The
only problem with that is that the sponsors themselves don't know how to market and
make massive sales due to lack of efficient training from their sponsor. That is a
dead end merry-go-round, where no one knows how to train anyone. The only true
program that I have found to have proper and effective training is the Perfect
Wealth formula. Not only is there real training, but step by step tutorials and
live conference calls with the master marketer himself. You will not find another
"REAL" program that will train you like the Perfect Wealth Formula. Most programs
out there provide basic resource centers in their so-called "Back Office", which is
full of bits and pieces of information instead of the meat and potatoes on how to
actually market online. These programs present this basic information as
Leadership is another hard to find characteristic in these 1 up programs. How can
one lead another when both of them are blind...blind leading the blind is an
understatement with what online programs are offering in the online world.

Make sure that you only join programs that truly offer proven methods and strategies
that help build your business along with building knowledge base. A great example of
this is the Perfect Wealth Formula, ( Jason Pearson's
training is the absolute best in the online industry, and is the first system to
produce a high success rate . The other programs such as Little Guy Network can't
claim a high success rate, because there isn't one. They draw you in with promises
they can't hold to and expect you to then give up your first sale to them. There is
a better way, join me at and learn what the other programs
will not teach you about effective marketing and how to truly make sales.

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