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Released on: December 2, 2007, 8:04 pm

Press Release Author: Barrett Stone

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Mickey had joined TulsaSingles.org in 2007 and after it he
found his soulmate through TulsaSingles.org

Press Release Body: Mickey\'s Story

\"You know, getting older is an interesting and amazing thing. Mostly you still feel
like a kid, a young guy at heart, but then before you know it experience comes
along, knocks you on your tail a few times and you end up a little jaded. The sad
thing is you don\'t even realize it at first. In the past I had tried some other
dating sites, with mixed results. Sure, I met a lot of women, made some good
friends, had some adventures, but there are a lot of characters out there on the
net, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) The end result was that I got really good at the art of
the first few dates, but mostly I discovered that \"LOVE\" can be an elusive thing.

So you tell yourself that being single is OK and that you can get by on your own,
and then you get on with the business of being as happy as you can be. And so, if
you had asked me just a few months ago if true love exists, I\'d have said, \"Sure it
happens to other people all the time.\" Or if you had asked if God had made that
special lady just for me I\'d have said, \"Sure but He\'s got her well hidden.\"

In today\'s world it seems to me that, many dating services are out for what they can
get and they attempt to take advantage of the loneliness that single people
sometimes experiences. When I first came to Tulsa Singles, I thought that they might
be like some of the others. I also thought it seemed like a lot of money just to
meet \"someone\". But I liked the fact that they develop a personal relationship with
all their clients. I really liked the idea of bringing the members together under
one roof at the monthly parties, and then there was that cruise. (I\'ve never done
anything like that...)

So I joined, and my experience has been that NO-One has worked harder. They followed
through with exactly what they said and even went above and beyond what I signed up

I\'ve been taking dance lessons for the last year so I discussed with Claele and
Alicia that I would be interested in getting group dance lessons going. They both
got with one of the other members, who as it turns out taught dance at Arthur Murray
for the last 20 years, and set up dance lessons every Thursday night for all the
members and actually it\'s my favorite (and least expensive) night of dancing!!

They also took their only day off (Sunday) to help me host a dating seminar to help
men better themselves, feel more confident and learn more about dating. The monthly
parties are great and the people I have met (both guys and gals) are pretty cool!
Now, let me tell you about how I met the love of my life...

Oh, sure it started out innocently enough at one of the parties, you know the way
all conversations start with \"hello\", well before I knew it we had spent our whole
evening together, having fun and cutting up.

Since then we\'ve spent a lot of time dating and getting to know each other - I found
that we have so much in common and we are such a good personality fit. And for the
first time that I can really think of I get butterflies!! We have grown quickly to
share so much that I knew there was nothing else I could but to ask her to marry me!

I am glad everyday that she accepted!!

She\'s everything I could have asked for and more than I could have hoped for. I am
looking forward to our life together, and I am glad that true love has finally
happened to me!!

So thanks so much to Claele and Alicia, and to Tulsa Singles! I REALLY APPRECIATE
you guys!!

Mickey R. Goins

People ask us all the time how we met and we are proud to say that we met through
TulsaSingles.org. God works in mysterious ways sometimes and we know that He is the
reason we are together and the foundation on which we will build our life
together!If you ask me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jason Breakey is the CEO of Premier Singles. tulsasingles.org is part of the
PremierSingles.com network.

Web Site: http://tulsasingles.org

Contact Details: Jason Breakey
Or call us at 1-888-558-7188!

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