Retired Airline Captain Flying Easy With MLM


Released on: December 19, 2007, 9:07 am

Press Release Author: Captain Doug Rohrer

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Retired Airline Captain makes marketing Global Resorts Network easy and publishes ‘How To’ eBook.

Press Release Body: When Doug Rohrer first retired from the airlines he just wanted to travel and play tennis. That’s what he still does but now he uses a simple, inexpensive method to do so that also provides Capt Doug with the income necessary to do it in style.

Global Resorts Network is an MLM marketing company relatively new on the scene and Doug wasn’t actually looking for anything else to complicate his easy-going lifestyle. “It was the income pay plan that caught my eye. I get paid $1,000 for every person I refer GRN to and they become Platinum members….and then I get paid another $1,000 for each sale the people I sponsor make.”

For Capt Doug, the process was simple. All I have to do is enjoy myself while traveling to great resorts for as little as $298 per week and then tell people about it. It apparently was so simple, he recently published an eBook on his methods called Secrets to Financial Success with Global Resorts Network.

The book can be found at eBay or at Capt Doug’s web site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact Details: Doug Rohrer email:
Phone: 360-333-2075


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