The next big E-bay

Released on: December 29, 2007, 2:09 am

Press Release Author: cqout

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: CQout is fast gaining popularity the world over, with USA
providing the second most number of users.

Press Release Body: Looking for that perfect ring, or maybe you want the new Xbox
out in the market. Normally this would take you hours of research, multiple trips to
numerous stores looking for the best bargain and in short a LOT of work. With so
many online marketplaces available, users today are fast cashing in on the ease,
efficiency and range provided by some highly effective websites. The first thought
in anybody's mind when it comes to shopping online is Ebay, but with CQout gaining
immense popularity as a safe and trusted online auction site, Ebay has cause for

You could save all this trouble by simply logging into The second largest
online marketplace in the UK, passing a quarter of a million items for sale in 2006,
CQout is fast becoming the website of choice for online shoppers. Providing a huge
range of items ranging from arts, antiques, computer hardware and software, office
equipment to films and even jewellery and watches the customer is spoilt for choice
in this easy to use interface.

One of the major factors making CQout a popular online auction site is the fact that
the focus is on customer satisfaction rather than just over the top advertising.
Charging a nominal fee for registration, CQout assures its users that every possible
measure has been taken to ensure a just and satisfactory transaction. The "three
strikes and you are out" policy ensures that blacklisted vendors are not lurking
around the site. It also boasts of its own escrow system called SecurePay, providing
double protection to buyers, who need pay the seller only when they have received
the product and are satisfied with its condition.

Another different feature of CQout is its Charity auctions. Benefiting numerous
charity organizations worldwide, CQout does not forget to do its bit. Though based
in UK, CQout is fast gaining popularity the world over, with USA providing the
second most number of users.
Focusing solely on providing quality service, CQout is receiving great adulation
from many sectors. Slated to be the biggest contender for Ebay, CQout has been
listed in "101 really useful website" by The Independent, "Webwise: Be a Brainy
bidder" by the Sunday Times and many more. All this and many other features are
racing CQout to the very top of the list.

Web Site:

Contact Details: CQout Ltd.,
PO Box 2815
United Kingdom

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