Tool Enthusiast Starts Tools 180 Blog

Released on: December 22, 2007, 3:08 am

Press Release Author: Ann Rotondo

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: The Tools 180 Blog readers can keep up with the latest tool
and news and topics like the latest products from Northern tool, Harbor Freight
tools, or Daemon tools about the hottest items made by the ever popular Snap On

Press Release Body: Phoenix, Az,Dec 22,2007--Tool aficionado, Ann Rotondo, has
partnered with Neekam company to create the Tools 180 Blog. This blog will act as a
source of information and networking for things like woodworking tools, other hand
tools, and the best places to get discount tools. This blog\'s mission is to provide
information on popular tool topics like truck tool boxes and other specialty tool

Ann Rotondo says, "Many fans of tools are craftsmen who like to dish about the
latest technologies specific to their field. This blog will not be loyal to any one
brand or product, instead offering a wide view of the newest tools for many
industries such as woodworking, mechanical and other fields, including the home
improvement fan. The average consumer will be pleased that they too can talk about
things like truck tool boxes and tool boxes for the garage or workshop.\"

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding the popularity of both big name
tools and lesser known companies that make specialty tools. From something as
simple and versatile as the time tested Leatherman tool, to specialty automotive
tools, this blog will include it all.

Ann states that: \"Finding the best tool for your next project should not be a
difficult task. This blog is intended to act as a community to allow tool purveyors
and aficionados to trade information and comment back about a particular product in
order to create an awareness of the quality and practical application in their field
of work."

According to Ms. Rotondo, the Blog also demonstrates the diversity and fluctuating
demand of tools in modern society, \"The trend points to power tools with battery
sources becoming more popular as the people of the digital age move away from corded
tools for more freedom in their work. Consumption in the tool industry is currently
lowering prices for more technically capable tools as technology like computerized
drills and measuring instruments becomes commonplace in even the most antiquated

News about tools is constantly bringing us new technology to make our lives easier.
You just have to love brands like Dewalt power tools, Klein tools, Lee Valley tools,
Grizzly tools, and the ever respectable Sears tools. These brands have been driving
quality in the hand tool market for decades.

The Blog informs readers about the latest news on high demand
specialty tools like automotive tools and much more.

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Contact Details: Ann Rotondo
Neekam Inc
830 N 1st Ave.
Phoenix, Az. 85003

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