Video Userpic is a tool for creating a GIF userpics from any video file!

Released on: December 5, 2007, 9:03 am

Press Release Author: VisiFly

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Video UserPic is a tool for creating Animated GIF userpics
from any videos!

Press Release Body: At the present time many internet users has accounts for
personal blogs, virtual communities, forums, livejournals. People communicate
throught the world wide web for business, interests, hobbies or just for chatting.
Every user has a userpic. A userpic is a digital image which a user of a virtual
community uses to represent themself. Users typically choose a self-portrait as
their userpic to further develop their online identity. Since userpics may describe
anything, they can also include personal artwork, photography, or symbols from pop
culture. Along with unique usernames and questionnaire profiles, userpics are one of
the most effective ways to personalize one\'s presence within an online social
network. Many users manipulate their userpics before they publish them using a
bitmap graphics editor. But none of graphics editors can handle a video.

But now everyone is able to create a Video Userpic! With a one single tool, such as
Video UserPic.

Video UserPic is a wizard tool for creating video userpics from any digital video
files with video crop function. After you choose the right folder of the video and
input it, you will be shown some video and audio parameters of the particular video
file. The output file, which is Animated GIF userpic will be automatically saved in
the same folder with remark and GIF extension, so you will not loose your userpic.
Then you click \"Next\" and wizard redirects you to the second step. You will see the
preview of the video file with a range bar, that you can manage for creating a GIF
file and a smaller frame for cropping. Video UserPic is a Wizard so everything is
simple and stuctured. You won\'t have to read a long complicated \'help\' before you
can start!

Video UserPic supports all the video formats for inputing, such as avi, asf, mp4,
mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv. Output file will be controlled with width, height, FPS and
reverse mode. So you choose a video file, such as your favourite movie, music video,
cartoon or any video you have, choose a part for cropping in the video preview (your
face for example) and manage range bar for time limits and click Start. After
converting you will got an animated GIF with pixelsize that is set.

Video UserPic is probably the best tool to turn your favourite videos into smaller
animated GIF usepics. You will only need the single a complete tool - Video UserPic.
Download the free version and you will see the results.

Make yourself indetified in the internet!

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 75 maiden lane, new york
United States of America

Phone Number: 270-398-3202

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