Global Vaccine Market Poised for Billion Dollar Growth

Released on: January 17, 2008, 1:14 am

Press Release Author: Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The global vaccine market is writing new success story
everyday, thanks to the vaccine development being witnessed ubiquitously. As per
RNCOS report, the market is expected to reach $21 Billion by 2010.

Press Release Body: Vaccines, seen as commodity products earlier, used to be
considered a low growth, low margin industry in developed countries and that with no
margin at all in developing ones. The prospects of profits were so weak that
majority of firms in the business stepped out of it. However, the market is
currently at the centre of attraction for all leading pharmaceutical giants, says
"Global Vaccine Market Outlook (2007-2010)", a market research report by RNCOS. The
report says that the vaccine market is registering growth rates much faster than the
conventional pharma market. And with several blockbuster potential vaccines slated
to hit the market in near future, the growth is projected to rise even faster.

The systematic and thorough research studies the global vaccine market to give an
insight into its various segments, including Therapeutics Vaccines, Influenza
Vaccines, Adult/Travel vaccines, Basic Pediatric Vaccines, Proprietary Pediatric
Vaccines, and Enhanced Pediatric Vaccines. The comprehensive analysis of the market
has identified pediatric vaccines as the current highest share-holder but future
will see a revival of the market when adult, therapeutic and influenza vaccine
segments post a rapid growth.

The RNCOS research evaluates the pediatrics segment, arguably the biggest segment of
the vaccine market, elaborately and finds out the reasons why the market share of
this segment is expected to decline in future.

The report also points out that vaccines for cervical cancer will dominate the
future sales. Moreover, vaccines for malaria and AIDS will also be made available to
the market, however, it will take some time as according to projections, HIV vaccine
will not hit the market before 2016.

Based on these trends, the report forecasts that the global vaccine market will
surpass the US$ 21 Billion by 2010.

"Global Vaccine Market Outlook (2007-2010)" exhaustively studies the vaccine market
at global level, covering the US, Europe, India, and Brazil among others. It gives
segment-wise first-hand data on the past and current market performance and
underlines the trends anticipated to affect the future growth.

Apart from this, the report also focuses on the market size of various vaccines,
like typhoid, West Nile, HIV etc. and gives key financial information on key

About RNCOS:

RNCOS, incorporated in the year 2002, is an industry research firm. It has a team of
industry experts who analyze data collected from credible sources. They provide
industry insights and analysis that helps corporations to take timely and accurate
business decision in today\'s globally competitive environment.

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Head of Business Development
29, 1st Floor, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi 92

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