Imus, Dog Chapman, and now

Released on: January 16, 2008, 10:41 am

Press Release Author: AllCities Library

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: AllCities Library is pleased to announce the release of
\"American Nigger: Black Beyond King\"; a new title by Dwight Harris

Press Release Body: Mel Gibson. Michael Richards. Don Imus. Duane \"Dog\" Chapman.
Racist rants and public apologies by celebrities formerly held on a pedestal. Words
never before tolerated, but now writ large via the title of Dwight Harris\' stunning
new book, \"American Nigger: Black Beyond King.\"

Dwight Harris is a black man, born and raised over 50 years ago in the ghettos of
Chicago\'s infamous South Side. He considers himself neither conservative nor
radical. But he certainly is not shy about expressing his opinions:

"Martin Luther King created a nation of Black followers, not leaders. I challenge
you to convince me of the value in that."

"Regarding reparations for slavery, we don\'t need them. The only master this serves
is the perception of racial inferiority ..."

And so on. His words are not meant to enflame, but to educate. However, a recent
radio appearance may have done as much as his new book to bring his points to the

Dwight was a recently scheduled guest on a nationally-syndicated radio show. When
the network expressed concern about the book\'s title and subject matter, they
requested of the host to have the interview pre-taped, the first time ever in the
show\'s history. The \"N\" word was not allowed to be used on- air.

Ironically, Dwight Harris does not condone the word either, though he used it in his
title for a reason.

\"I\'m playing off the stereotype,\" he states. Indeed, Dwight Harris has gone from
street punk to one of the most in-demand financial planners in Beverly Hills. His
book, part autobiography and part history lesson, is available on and
fine retailers everywhere.

It is certain to provoke both consideration and debate.

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