Lingo24 Looks Back on Another Year of Consistent Growth

Released on: January 22, 2008, 12:21 am

Press Release Author: Lingo24 Translation Agency

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary:
Translation Company Lingo24, one of the fastest developing e-businesses in the field
of translation, reviews some important moments from 2007.

Press Release Body:

With six years of fast and steady growth already behind it, Lingo24 continued the
upward trend throughout 2007 by bringing high quality translation services
( to an increasing number of
multinational clients, from a large variety of economic sectors

What is the secret to becoming one of the fastest developing translation
e-businesses? To ensuring consistent growth and on-going success? The following are
a few tips that worked wonders in 2007:

 The company's top leadership. A list established by Courvoisier and The
Observer in November 2007 placed Lingo24 head and founder, Christian Arno, among the
top 50 British business leaders in the sector of Science and Innovation.
 The increasing number of highly qualified employees. Lingo24's staff
developed significantly in 2007; new roles were added and more structure was given
to teams involved in delivering high quality translation services and effective
answers to clients' needs. Talented and experienced linguists, as well as business
developers and a number of other professionals joined the company.
 Pursuing the global approach to business. As an Internet-based company,
Lingo24 has relied, from the very beginning, on multinational staff to serve its
multinational customers. However, the company's worldwide expansion was recently
taken to new heights with the gathering of a new Lingo24 team of dedicated
translators and proficient Project Managers in Panama. The new office will be fully
operational by the beginning of 2008, bringing first-rate services closer to clients
from the Americas.

Following another year of healthy business development, that brought a larger team
of dedicated professionals and an ever-increasing portfolio of important clients,
Lingo24 looks forward to 2008 and to consistently delivering high quality
translations (

About Lingo24

Lingo24 is one of the fastest-growing translation companies in the world,
with operations in the UK and seven other countries worldwide. Founded in
2001, the company is a great case study for:

: e-business (90% of its customers find it through the Internet)

: globalisation (its business is a barometer of globalisation for British
business, and the company itself has \'internationalised\' in a short space of

: EU expansion (the company has its largest operation in Timisoara, Romania)

: green business (the company has a strict environmental policy and limited
office use to minimise unnecessary travel)

: home-working (Lingo24 employees work from home more than 95% of the time)

: youthful entrepreneurialism (the company was established by a 22-year-old graduate
of Oxford University)

Web Site:

Contact Details: +44 (0) 207 952 7500
131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 5BB

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