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Released on: January 22, 2008, 2:18 pm

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Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Free online video quickly and easily reveals how people can work at home making money owning their own recession proof home based business helping others switch electricity and natural gas companies online to a discount energy company in New York.

Press Release Body: New York, New York - Ever considered owning a recession proof home based business and working from the comfort of home?

Now, thanks to the deregulation of electricity and natural gas in New York, normal people have the ability to own their own business as independent marketing consultants for a discount energy company.

Electricity and natural gas are recession proof because people may cut back on going to the movies, eating out at restaurants, but they don’t stop using electricity and natural gas when times get rough during a recession.

“The free online video shares information with those who want to own their own home based business and be their own boss how to make money even while they’re sleeping during. Electricity is consumed twenty-four hours a day. I imagine most people do not unplug their refrigerator or disconnect their security system when they head to bed during a recession. These items continue to use electricity while people are sleeping and you can get paid just for helping others switch energy companies in New York,” states Ward Miller, a founding independent consultant for the energy company.

An independent marketing consultant for the energy company can make more money based on how much electricity or natural gas each of their customers use. Even more exciting is that these independent consultants can get paid for the customers that others they have introduced to the home based business opportunity have gathered for their businesses.

For energy customers, they can expect a unique experience. They can save money on their monthly energy bill from their incumbent energy provider. They'll participate in one of the most incredible customer reward programs in the industry and they'll enjoy a level of personalized service like nothing they’ve ever experienced from a utility company in New York.

Energy customers should feel secure to switch companies knowing that there is a written guarantee that the power will not go off during the switching process or the company will pay the entire first month’s bill.

It’s easy for people to become a customer with a discount electricity and natural gas provider. There's no complicated paperwork to fill out and no cost to switch for customers. The consultant simply helps the customer complete an easy online order form and the rest is taken care of by the energy company.

For more information on how to watch the free video that reveals how people can work at home and make money owning their own recession proof home based business visit:

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3419 Westminster, Suite 223
Dallas, Texas 75205


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