Researchers Launch `Pseudo-Scientology Website`

Released on: January 30, 2008, 6:50 pm

Press Release Author: American Religious Studies Center

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: With everything from religion definitions to the writings of
L. Ron Hubbard, to news highlights from around the world, to traditional Christian
concepts, offers an introduction and ongoing examination of
the 20th Century\'s most misunderstood religion - Scientology.

Press Release Body: A new online research group called PseudoScientology is serving
up a large helping of spiritual resources and practical information at \"We\'ve seen our web traffic increase wildly in recent days,
with visitors checking us out from every continent,\" said Dr. J.D. Hunter, webmaster
and religious studies professor. Built around a Wordpress blog format, the site
features a variety of newsworthy posts on its blog page and a growing library of
religious essays and other writings. Many of the resources are meant for general
comparative religious study, but one of the site\'s primary purposes is to use
philosophical concepts, as well as Christian theology, to debate the claims of
Scientologist practitioners and provide an open forum for reasonable dialogue.

About the PseudoScientology team: Hunter, with his fellow researchers, has developed
an entirely new concept in addressing the questions about Scientology and its
\"theology.\" Setting aside the attack methodology of many of Scientology\'s critics,
PseudoScientology endeavors to employ what Hunters humorously calls a \"reverse
engineered method of Socratic induction\" ... an argument forum which presents
dialectic questions as a basis for common ground: such as \"What do you think,\" or
\"How do you feel.\" \"We are all still human, after all,\" says Hunter, \"and perhaps
more good can realized if we bring about a peaceful dialogue between traditional
Christianity and Scientology than if we merely fire our cannons in a persistent
broadside attack.\"

\"But,\" he goes on to say, \"that doesn\'t mean there won\'t be differences of opinion
that will energize our online dialogue. We are genuinely hopeful for a mutually
beneficial exchange in this great marketplace of religious ideas.\"

Web Site:

Contact Details: American Religious Studies Center
J.D. Hunter, Ph.D.
District of Columbia

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