7 Ways To Cure Your Dogs Housetraining Problem

Released on: February 5, 2008, 8:23 am

Press Release Author: Eric Letendre

Industry: Agriculture

Press Release Summary: In my dog training business, if I had to list the top five
behavior problems housetraining would be near the top. I get a lot of email and
phone calls for housetraining.

Here are 7 ways to cure your dogs housetraining problem:

Press Release Body: 1. Management - One of the easiest steps to take is to use a
crate. This will help you manage your dogs behavior when you are not there or can\'t
watch your dog.

2. Teach a cue - Teach your dog to give you a cue that they need to go out. Hanging
a bell on the door is popular. This way when your dog needs to go they hit the bell
to let you know. Most dogs will give off some type of cue that they need to go. Some
bark at the door, some scratch at the door and some dogs just pace around the room.
Pay attention to see what type of cue your dog gives.

3. Proper cleaning - Don\'t clean with ammonia based products. The ammonia smells
like urine and it will attract your dog back to the same spot. Clean with products
that have enzymes that break down the smell.

4. Health check - Physical problems always need to be ruled out. If your dog has a
physical problem no amount of behavior training can help.

5. Go on command - Teach your dog to go on command. It\'s easy and your dog can learn
this in about a week.

6. Be there to influence behavior - If your dog goes in the house you need to be
there to catch your dog \"in the act\". This way you can discourage your dog from
going in the house and bring her out. The same holds true for when your dog is
outside. A lot of people let there dog out into a fenced yard on their own. Now when
the dog goes outside there is no one there to reward the dog for going in the right
place. You need to be there to discourage AND reward.

7. Careful with punishment - A dog that is heavily punished for doing a natural,
normal behavior in the wrong place becomes confused easily. If you harshly punish
your dog for a mistake, your dog may hold it when in your presence - inside and
outside. Now your dog will sneak off in the house and do his stuff when your not

Housetraining is a very common behavior problem. Discover how you can solve your
dog\'s housetraining problem. Get the free ebook \"101 Ways To Improve Your Dog\'s

Web Site: http://amazingdogtrainingman.com/

Contact Details: Eric Letendre
91 Cold Hill
Granby, MA 01033

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