ABAS Announces Version 2007 Highlights

Released on: February 14, 2008, 7:39 am

Press Release Author: Team Marketing & Press

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Karlsruhe, February 14, 2008 - Keeping pace with its strategy
to continually update its software, ABAS Software is pleased to announce the newest
innovations and functional upgrades found in the latest version of its abas Business
Software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness).

Press Release Body: abas ERP
Version 2007 contains new and upgraded infosystems to support such day-to-day
operations as ABC analysis, received invoices list, capacity planning, comparison of
costing results, analysis of payment, Multisite, and many others.

In financial accounting, there are new innovations concerning bank import and
outstanding items. Fixed asset accounting, cost accounting and material valuation
have been upgraded. In warehouse management, area batch sizes can now be calculated
according to Andler standards. It is also possible to create simultaneous costing,
as well as carry out the preliminary costing for suggested work orders.

In scheduling, the requirement calculation has been optimized, making it possible to
run a scheduling-related sales order through more flexible user fields. Also, an
EDI can now be set up in a new client with only a few steps. The new service
processing enables the optimal planning of service assignments in customer service.

Innovations in shipping include new logistical processes such as Just-In-Time, as
well as shipping planning, a function that automatically performs the
labor-intensive routine work. Further advances have also been realized in areas
interfaces, printing, graphical user interface, multilingualism, flexible interface
and Java FOPs.

Portal upgrades
All areas of the abas Portal have been developed and now feature easier
installation, new and improved standard applications (portlets), as well as improved
administration tools.

Innovations in eBusiness
The eBusiness solution abas eB also contains many new features in Version 2007. The
Webshop search now uses the open source Java library Lucene, allowing large data
sets to be searched more quickly. The ordering process has also been expanded by
payment type.

About ABAS Software
ABAS Software is a leading provider of flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP)
and eBusiness software for the SMB market. Founded in 1980, ABAS serves over 2,000
customers worldwide, providing solutions in 28 languages. The software is developed
in-house at the company's headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, then distributed to
the customer through a partner network. ABAS collaborates with 50 partners in 63
locations and holds a minority interest in 20 of these partner companies.

About abas Business Software
ABAS Software is focused in the development of its trademark abas Business Software
(ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), an ERP solution designed for small and mid-size
companies. Abas Business Software includes abas ERP for production, abas Trade for
distribution and service companies, and the eBusiness solution abas eB.

The abas Business Software is platform independent. It can run on Linux, Unix and
Windows. ABAS has supported the open source operating system Linux on the
server-side since 1995. Approximately 80% of all abas installations to-date are
based on Linux.

Web Site: http://www.abas.de

Contact Details: ABAS Software AG
Suedendstr. 42
76135 Karlsruhe/Germany
Tel.: +49 721/9 67 23-0
Fax +49 721/9 67 23-100

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