AIT Promos $30k Web Applications for under $1k!

Released on: February 20, 2008, 7:03 am

Press Release Author: Byron Keaton

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: AIT has developed a set of deeply discounted web applications
with unique feature sets and functionality that are fully ecommerce enabled and
would cost thousands elsewhere.

Press Release Body: (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) February 20, 2008. AIT has developed a set of Hosted
Web Applications to work in conjunction with specific business models. Each of these
Web Hosting Applications is unique with its own feature set and functionality. The
expertise that has gone into creating them comes from years of collaboration between
AIT and the various businesses it serves. AIT has developed deeply discounted web
applications that are fully ecommerce enabled. The original cost of building these
applications cost $30,000 to $50,000 from design to implementation. With AIT, the
cost of each offering is below a thousand dollars for anyone to get started, with no
hidden fees. AIT's hosted web applications portfolio includes:, Employment Search like Monster, Web Catalog and Store that rivals any enterprise site capable of showing and
selling thousands of products, and Social Networking portal for matching and dating. "All the software includes
hosting for one year and is completely customizable from color, to content, to
images, etc.," said Sean McCoy, AIT's Chief Marketing Officer.

With AIT's instant Web Hosting Applications software, any business can be up and
running on the Internet in hours instead of weeks or months. AIT can register (or
transfer) your domain name, arrange for your hosting needs and even provide
Enterprise level professional services for individuals, businesses or their customer
base. According to SWSoft's CEO during the companies 2007 Hosting Summit in
Washington D.C. "People performed more searches for 'web applications' than web
hosting and we don't see that changing anytime soon." Company officials say that
application development is one of AIT's core competencies boasting a large software
development team. "Ten to twelve years ago the idea of controlling a server was
unheard of so we created AIT's Control Panel for our resellers and a V-panel for
their customers; now that magic of server control is common," said Clarence E.
Briggs, Founder and CEO of AIT. "SMB's want a business control panel with enterprise
features; it really is a logical progression," Briggs said. AIT encourages
soon-to-be web entrepreneurs to visit AIT and select the type of portal best suited
to meet their needs.

Together with the purchase of a Web Hosting Application, AIT in affiliation with
tyBit Unified Search (, is giving away $1,000 in free pay per click
advertising on the new tyBit client side search application. Keyword
pre-registration is also available from now until the end of March. "With this
early registration period, customers of AIT can begin purchasing keywords for as
little as $20 or less; it's certainly a natural fit to the successful positioning of
a business on the internet." Added Kitti Jo Finch, GM of tyBit AIT also developed for the state of NC as part of a $2 million dollar government
contracting portal designed to assist NC businesses in getting Federal contracts.

AIT is home to over 210,000 customers to include Fortune 500 companies as well as
small businesses. AIT was founded in North Carolina and has grown into a
multimillion dollar web hosting and technology company. Clients like Time Warner,
Microsoft, Newsweek, U.S. Federal Government, PC World, United Nations, Business
Week, The Oakridge Boys, State of North Carolina, Department of Defense, Wall Street
Journal, ZDNet, Pizza Hut, GOODYEAR, Smart Money, Discover Radio, and many more have
benefited from AIT\'s products and services. The company has been named 2 times to
the INC. 500 list of fastest growing firms and 3 times to the Deloitte & Touche Fast
500 list.

AIT, Inc.

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Contact Details: Byron Keaton
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc
421 Maiden lane
Fayetteville, NC 28301

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