Advanced Security Systems For New Era of Hospitals

Released on: February 20, 2008, 6:12 am

Press Release Author: T.A

Industry: Electronics

Press Release Summary: In addition to the health and wellbeing of its patient, new
ASSUTA hospital placed safety and security at the top of its agenda, and has
selected DDS customized solution to equip their brand new premises

Press Release Body: Jerusalem, Israel, February 20, 2008 - DDS, a leading
manufacturer of access control and alarm management solutions, announces that its
solution has been selected to monitor the access control of new Assuta hospital in
Ramat Achayal, Israel. More than 800 entrance doors will be supervised by DDS
systems, assuring protection of almost all divisions, from doctor rooms to drugs
rooms, store rooms, nurseries and surgery rooms.
Access control challenges of hospitals are very specific. They include questions
such as: How can well intentioned, but curious, visitors be prevented from wandering
around and visiting every part of the hospital? How can access be easier for
hospital personnel? How can parking areas and lifts be shared by both personnel and
visitors? In general, how can the hospital maintain its open and welcoming character
for the patients and their families, while restricting access when needed?
After evaluating various enterprise solutions, Assuta's hospital decided to
implement solutions from DDS, which has delivered proven solutions to the hospital
industry, in particular in Spain, Turkey and Greece. TPL controllers proved the most
appropriate on a number of counts. Robust and reliable, TPL controllers give
complete control over 'who goes where' and restrict access to non-authorized people.
Also the systems records who is on the site and where they are at any particular
time. Lift access is limited to users according to the specific floors that have
been assigned to them. Car park entry is accepted only if it remains places in the
defined group members.
Assuta Hospital was also looking for high-performing access control solution easy to
integrate with other security systems, easy to install and to use, at competitive
cost. Ardan's company, DDS distributor for Israel came with a sophisticated offer to
Assuta's hospital, which includes Wizcon integration allowing connection to other
security systems with DDS Amadeus software (such as intrusion security application).
Even if access controls are more critical to protect medical employees, patient and
visitors as compared to properties, more hospitals look for prevent themselves from
robbery. Therefore, Ardan's solution includes RFID technology integration allowing
tagging, tracking, and protecting property vulnerable to theft: every Assuta's towel
and medical device will be then tracked with RFID technology, and will be
immediately signaled if taken out of the authorized department.
Staff, patients and visitors alike feel safe and secure on the premises, and all
medicines and equipment used in the hospital are stored securely. The security
system needed to be easy to use and reliable, yet flexible enough to adapt to the
Assuta's future requirements. The system also allows for future expansion and
upgrades, making it a cost effective, long-term security solution for the hospital.

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