Allen Thomason Exposes Common Pitfalls in Home Based Businesses

Released on: February 20, 2008, 5:13 pm

Press Release Author: Cheryl Fuller

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: \"Allen Thomason shares why 97% of internet marketers never
make a penny...there are some pitfalls to most businesses on the net!\"

Press Release Body: Allen Thomason seems to be creating a stir on the net these days
and exposing common pitfalls in the home based business arena... Upon joining most
home based businesses, there are 3 common pitfalls each put the new marketer

1. They simply plug you into a backoffice
2. The plug you into their corporate training calls
3. They plug you into their sources for buying leads

In today\'s market, there are so many home based business opportunities out there, it
is vital that you research not only the company that you wish to become a part of,
but also the sponsor that you are about to join with. Many companies are good, and
offer good products, but ask yourself - what can your sponsor help you with and
bring to the table that no one else can.

Everyone wants to work with a guru it seems, take internet heavy hitters like Chris
Campbell, Matthew Sunderland, or Dave Dubbs. Find out what they are actually
teaching their team. So many of today\'s gurus know all the tips, tricks and
secrets, but they don\'t seem to teach their team these things. Usually they are
confined by time constraints and sometimes afraid if they expose all their secrets,
they will saturate the places they market to.

Nobody can do what we can do! When you join my team, you will learn how to control
googole with the google me now program, the Ask Campaign, and how to post 1000 ads a
day on Craigslist. This is \"free\" advertising! It\'s just crazy...we have a
streamlined system that will give you the ability to mass market any program or
product that you would like to market. Listen, learning how to post 1000 ads on
Craigslist alone will change your life...Craigslist is an absolute goldmine!

Allen Thomason

Web Site:

Contact Details: Livingston, TX

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