Analyze your data and perform statistical analysis while on the go

Released on: February 1, 2008, 4:03 pm

Press Release Author: AnalystSoft

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Analyze your data and perform statistical analysis while on
the go

Press Release Body: Analyze your data and perform statistical analysis while on
the go

No need to carry a mainframe computer to perform a complex statistical analysis when
you visit a remote lab. Even a notebook computer is no longer necessary with
StatPlus Portable 2007. You only need a light and extremely compact USB flash drive.
Plug it into any PC in the lab, and get your customary workplace in a matter of
Have the full power of a professionally developed and precise statistical package
always with you. Perform a statistical analysis on-the-fly without carrying a
powerful, bulky computer with you all the time. This portable version is able to run
from a flash memory stick, and does not require installation to the host PC.
Despite its light designation, StatPlus Portable 2007 is a fully featured, powerful
data analysis product. It performs all types of analysis, from very basics to
complex procedures such as GLM ANOVA, non-parametric and regression analysis, Probit
analysis and Latin squares analysis.
Get consistent, repeatable, ISO compliant results every time you perform an
analysis. StatPlus is fully standardized and complies with the strict ISO standards
such as ISO2602:1980, ISO 2854:1976, and ISO 3207:1975. Import and export to popular
products such as Microsoft Excel and StatSoft Statistica makes StatPlus even more
Statistical analysis tools such as StatPlus are not for everyone. Heavy-duty
packages carry high costs and steep learning curves. With StatPlus you can forget
about the learning curve thanks to its intuitive, spreadsheet-like user interface
that is as easy to use as MS Excel.
Are you working in a lab or studying for your PhD? With its highly affordable price
tag and available student and academic discounts, StatPlus Portable 2007 makes a
perfect tool for industrial workers as well as university students and teachers.
Download your free evaluation copy, and get a complete statistical package at a
fraction of the price of the bigger counterparts!

StatPlus Portable is available at
for free download. The promo cost of registering the program is 175 US Dollars;
discounts for academic institutions, such as colleges, universities, schools and
research labs are available.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Pacific Business Centre, Vancouver

Phone Number: +1-202-470-3308

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