AngelNetwork com, LLC Describes Mistakes Made By Investors

Released on: February 22, 2008, 2:53 am

Press Release Author: Edward Bracken

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: "Investors Must Take Precautions When Investing"

Press Release Body: AngelNetwork continues their quest to educate both entrepreneurs
and investors through their memberships. AngelNetwork provides quality,
educationally-based memberships which have proven to enhance success with the angel
investing process.

AngelNetwork identifies some of the top mistakes made by investors when considering
a business to invest in. "There is a thorough process an investor should follow when
considering an angel investment," says Edward Bracken, Co-Founder of, LLC. AngelNetwork explains to angel investors how to do due
diligence when considering an investment. Thorough research in the beginning will
prevent disappointments later in the investment process. Some investors make the
mistake of not completing the due diligence process.

AngelNetwork stresses the importance of investors developing a deal-flow development
plan. This plan allows the investor to determine which market they are interested in
making an investment in. Included in the deal-flow development plan would be an
extensive market research plan which will give the investor the knowledge of the
market for the type of business they want to invest in. Additionally, AngelNetwork
educates the investor in how to research the credentials of a business plan. With
the many components of a business plan there are specific areas that an investor
should concentrate on. Cash flow projections and management team credentials are
essential to success. Another area which investors should pay close attention to is
the marketing plan of the business. Many entrepreneurs have great business ideas yet
have failed to properly devise a marketing plan which will market and promote their
business to the consumer. AngelNetwork offers membership opportunities which enable
both entrepreneurs and investors to move forward in the angel investing process with
the knowledge necessary for success. More information is available on their website

More Information about, LLC, LLC has been serving high net worth investors and entrepreneurs
since 1997. They are an educational membership site that provides information to
both high net worth investors and entrepreneurs to help them successfully invest in,
raise capital for and structure their early stage, emerging growth and pre-IPO
investment opportunities.

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