AngelNetwork com, LLC Explains Exit Strategies

Released on: February 22, 2008, 2:49 am

Press Release Author: Edward Bracken

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: "Every Entrepreneur Seeking Capital Needs to Have an Exit

Press Release Body:, a leader in the angel investing industry,
continues to provide a platform of knowledge for both investors and entrepreneurs
with their memberships. AngelNetwork believes educated entrepreneurs and investors
lead to successful angel investments. provides that education with
their memberships. discusses exit strategies by providing a breakdown of the most
common exit strategies including going public, being bought out and reverse mergers.
"Entrepreneurs must be prepared and informed of all phases of business concerning
angel investing including devising an exit strategy," says Edward Bracken,
Co-Founder of, LLC. The exit strategy is a crucial part of the
business plan as it outlines the process by which the angel investor will end the
investment process and receive their return on investment.

AngelNetwork informs entrepreneurs of the steps involved in going public with an
initial public offering. The process is lengthy and very hard work, but with the
proper knowledge it is not impossible. By going public, the sale of the stock will
allow for the return on investment for the angel investor thereby bringing the
investment to an end. Reverse mergers are another exit strategy which can be pursued
by the entrepreneur. Reverse mergers are defined as a private company merging with
an existing public company that has no assets or liabilities. This merger allows the
private company to go public and usually results in the public company assuming the
name of the private company. AngelNetwork also discusses buy-outs, another exit
strategy in which the business is purchased.

Whatever exit strategy is used is based on the business and the terms agreed upon in
the angel investment agreements. suggests entrepreneurs perform due
diligence in determining the best exit strategy for their business. AngelNetwork,
with years of experience and expertise, continues to make an impact on the angel
investing industry through their methods of utilizing an educational foundation as a
catalyst for successful angel investments. AngelNetwork offers membership
opportunities which enable both entrepreneurs and investors to move forward in the
angel investing process with the knowledge necessary for success. More information
is available on their website

More Information about, LLC, LLC has been serving high net worth investors and entrepreneurs
since 1997. They are an educational membership site that provides information to
both high net worth investors and entrepreneurs to help them successfully invest in,
raise capital for and structure their early stage, emerging growth and pre-IPO
investment opportunities.

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