AngelNetwork com, LLC Shares Tips to Identifying Potential Startups

Released on: February 22, 2008, 2:55 am

Press Release Author: Edward Bracken

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: "There are Certain Things to Look For In Start-up Businesses"

Press Release Body:, a leader in the angel investment industry
continues their successful memberships that are educationally based. makes waves in the angel investment industry with the success of
their memberships., gives key pointers to investors when reviewing startup businesses.
"There are several areas an investor should look at to see if the start-up is worth
further consideration," says Edward Bracken, co-founder of, LLC.
Almost every start-up business needs some type of financial assistance. It is up to
the entrepreneur to do the research and prepare documents that attract potential
investors., advises investors to look at several key components of a start-up
business. Some investors have their own criteria they are looking for, sometimes in
alignment with their experience and expertise. However, an investor should be
careful to review the business plan carefully to ensure the business offers more
than an excellent idea. It is important to review how much the entrepreneur has
invested from their personal funds into their business. An entrepreneur who has
invested a lot of his own money will work very hard to ensure a return on their
investment., also advises investors to look for a solid marketing plan. Many
start-up businesses have excellent ideas which with the right efforts will turn into
a profitable business. However, if the entrepreneur does not have a plan to market
and promote the business the chances of success are slim. Experience and expertise
is also an area to review, the management team must have the capabilities of
effectively running the business. with years of experience and expertise continues to make waves in
the angel investing industry through their proven methods of utilizing an
educational foundation as a catalyst for successful angel investments. offers membership opportunities which enable both entrepreneurs and
investors to move forward in the angel investing process with the knowledge
necessary for success. More information is available on their website

More Information about, LLC, LLC has been serving high net worth investors and entrepreneurs
since 1997. They are an educational membership site that provides information to
both high net worth investors and entrepreneurs to help them successfully invest in,
raise capital for and structure their early stage, emerging growth and pre-IPO
investment opportunities.
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