AngelNetwork com, LLC Tells How to Protect Intellectual Property

Released on: February 22, 2008, 2:50 am

Press Release Author: Edward Bracken

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: "Protecting Intellectual Property is Essential to Business

Press Release Body: AngelNetwork, a proven leader in angel investing, offers member
programs for entrepreneurs seeking capital from angel investors.,
educates entrepreneurs and investors on the angel investing process resulting in
successful angel investments. AngelNetwork stresses the importance of protecting
intellectual property.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property is
defined as creations of the mind - inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols,
names, images, and designs used in commerce. "Protecting intellectual property is
essential to success," says Edward Bracken, Co-Founder of

AngelNetwork examines the ways of protecting intellectual property by identifying
the four legally defined categories which include: patents, trademarks, copyrights
and trade secrets. Patents protect invention ideas for twenty years. Trademarks are
defined as a name, phrase, symbol, or sound used in connection with a product or
service. Trademarks remain in effect for ten years after being registered however a
business does not have to officially register a trademark. AngelNetwork also points
out that a business may use the TM symbol to protect their trademark. A copyright
protects written material and artistic expressions. A copyright lasts for the
lifetime of the author plus an additional fifty years. Trade secrets are defined as
devices, formulas, patterns or compilation of data that grants the user an advantage
over their competitors. The trade secret must prove to add value to the company.
AngelNetwork offers a plethora of information as a part of its memberships that
assist entrepreneurs in making wise business decisions. Membership information is
available on their website

More Information about, LLC, LLC has been serving high net worth investors and entrepreneurs
since 1997. They are an educational membership site that provides information to
both high net worth investors and entrepreneurs to help them successfully invest in,
raise capital for and structure their early stage, emerging growth and pre-IPO
investment opportunities.

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