Released on: February 12, 2008, 1:33 pm

Press Release Author: Aapo Halme / Band of Shysters

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: New Celtic folkpunk group Band of Shysters
receives arts grant to record their first album, and more.

Press Release Body: 12th Feb. 2008, Kuopio, Finland

Punk music history was made last week in Kuopio,
Finland when local indie group Band of Shysters
had their application for funds approved for
producing their first full-length CD of original
and traditional Finnish and Irish folkpunk music.
The 1000 grant, awarded by the regional Arts
Council of North-Savo, will be paid to Band of
Shysters to cover studio and rehearsal-space
rentals, travel expenses and actual print & press
of the as of yet nameless CD. Apparently
impressed by the bands music the Council decided
to give them the money after hearing only rough-
cut early demos of the band\'s first single \"The
Girl From the North\", due for release in the
spring of 2008.

While the sum awarded to Band of Shysters could in
itself be considered modest, perhaps more
significant is the indication that punk music is
considered a substantial art form by the decision
-making bodies and is deemed culturally important
enough to warrant financial support for the
artists.\"It\'s our hope that these small triumphs
of ours will prove only the first in continued
acknowledgements from decision-makers to non-
conforming, rebel or punk artists like ourselves\"
said band leader, Aapo Halme. Indeed, this grant
isn\'t the first nod Band of Shysters have got from
the government\'s direction; one band member
recently started working a part time job managing
the band\'s affairs in a state funded employment

Formed in 2006, Band of Shysters is an indie group
of professional musicians from the North-Savo
region in Finland. Brought together by their
passion for Irish and other Celtic music the
Shysters have made it their mission to spread the
joy (and rage) of folkpunk music throughout
their community where it has been lacking for more
than a decade. Though quite young (average age of
27), the eight band members have between them
played thousands of gigs in Finland and abroad.

The Arts Council of North Savo is one of the 13
regional bodies of its kind in Finland. Together
with the various councils responsible for specific
disciplines and the Arts Council of Finland, these
form the national arts administration, which
reports to the Ministry of Education.


Web Site:

Contact Details: email:
tel.: +358-50-5245839 (Aapo Halme, singer & band

postal: Band of Shysters
c/o Aapo Halme
Halmanninkatu 16 as 2
70500 Kuopio

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