Baylor College of Medicine Study on Duration Dilation To Receive Further Scrutiny at Press Conference

Released on: February 23, 2008, 12:40 pm

Press Release Author: The Thought of Infinity Group

Industry: Education

Press Release Summary: After the release of an article discrediting the Baylor
College of Medicine paper, \"Does Time Really Slow Down During a Frightening Event?\"
by David M. Eagleman,PhD, R&D engineer Marshall Barnes will present further evidence
supporting his criticisms, as well as announcing implications that now exist for the

Press Release Body: A press conference will be held Wednesday, February 27, in the
main conference room at the Grandview Heights Library in Grandview Heights, Ohio,
1685 W. 1st 4:30 PM. The press conference will present the results of
research into an experiment conducted by Baylor College of Medicine professor David
M. Eagleman, PhD. This study claims that duration dilation (the perception of how
long things last) is a function of richly encoded memory and not a real-time
perception. The experiment results were published in the paper Does Time Really Slow
Down During A Frightening Event? and was widely
promoted by Baylor College, which led to international media exposure. The
experiment, and the significance of the results, have now been found by R&D
engineer, and conceptual theorist Marshall Barnes, to be totally and completely,
invalid. Marshall has succeeded in revealing multiple errors that completely
terminate any credibility of the methodology used, the basis for the experiment, as
well as the data that it produced. Now, new information has since been obtained from
an article by Alan Burdick, of Discover Magazine, that raises further questions of
the integrity of the study by Eagleman.

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory funded the Baylor study in part, along with the
National Institutes of Health. The results of Eagleman\'s experiment would suggest
little or no military potential in duration dilation, however, the new article
disproving the Eagleman work suggests that there could be significant military value
to pursuing this phenomena and Marshall has decided to arrange a preliminary
feasibility study of what such research should entail.

This press conference will include a presentation of video material that
conclusively proves the most damaging of the allegations against the integrity of
the Baylor College study conducted by Eagleman.

Digital press kits are available for those of the media who cannot attend. For that,
or more information contact . This presentation is sponsored
by the Thought of Infinity in the interest of furthering public knowledge of
advances in science, and is open to the public.

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Contact Details: Contact Dave Patrick for more information

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