Bishop Weeks Re-Releases Tell-All

Released on: February 27, 2008, 3:47 pm

Press Release Author: Double XXposure Media Relations

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: After several verbal attacks by his wife, Prophetess Juanita
Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks III re-releases a tell-all book exposing deceit and lies
in an attempt to bring the truth to the surface.


Contact: Angelo Ellerbee
Phone: 212.629.9404

Bishop Weeks Re-Releases Tell-All, What Love Taught Me

New York, NY, February 27, 2008 - This past summer, the Christian world was rocked
as Juanita Bynum brought forth an allegation of physical abuse against her husband,
Bishop Thomas Weeks III. She maintained that Weeks had attacked her in an Atlanta
hotel parking lot. Disappointment rippled through the church world as the couple,
who had jointly established the worldwide ministry ‘Teach Me How To Love
You’, was now facing a reality quite different from the marital persona they
had created.

And while the world waited for a response from Weeks, he remained silent. Meanwhile,
Prophetess Bynum saturated the media with her personal account of the story,
shedding a negative light on the Bishop. He has suffered a great personal loss; his
ministry too has been deeply affected, and he desires the opportunity to address the
allegations against him, responding to the numerous biased media portrayals.

Bishop Weeks released the book What Love Taught Me in December 2007 and then
withdrew it, believing that the drama and the repetitive denials of the truth,
played in the media would cease and a peaceful resolution could be attained. Since
that has not been the case, the book, under the direction of Weeks’ publicity
firm Double XXposure, is being re-released, with an included bonus section.

Over 80 million viewers world-wide, viewed the televised wedding of Bishop Weeks and
Juanita Bynum. Weeks strongly believes that these same individuals deserve to know
the truth and have the rumors and speculation quieted. “The truth is not on
strike” says Angelo Ellerbee, Weeks’ publicist and owner of Double
XXposure. “The book speaks the truth... no more drama, no more tears, no more
lies”. What Love Taught Me will challenge what we think we know about this
story and will shed the light of truth on the lies.

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