Blog Claims NBC Report On Ray And Faye Copeland Murders Is Untrue

Released on: February 21, 2008, 4:56 pm

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Press Release Summary: A writer for refutes claims by the son of the
Copeland serial killers that comic book is false. After watching the NBC report on
\"Family Bones\", the comic book about Ray and Faye Copeland serial murders, blogger posts that he has known the writer of \"Family Bones\" for 25
year and is telling the truth.

Press Release Body: A blogger on refutes claims appearing
on NBC Action News KSHB-TV 41 in Kansas City that the comic book \"Family Bones\" is

\"What I saw so far, none of it\'s right,\" said Al Copeland, son of elderly serial
killers Ray and Faye Copeland. The NBC report interviews Al Copeland extensively in
the video coverage. He also says \"I asked a lot of my relatives out in California,
\'Who is this guy,\'\" Copeland said. \"Nobody knew him!\"

Sieritus post says \"I'm not sure if he said that because he doesn't want anymore
attention drawn to his parents or what, but Shawn is most definitely their nephew
(through his mother's side of the family).\"

In the article it says that Al Copeland claims that \"his father never carried a
shotgun and his mom never carried a bloody ax, as the comics depict.\" The actual
\"Family Bones\" comic book depicts the ax as the instrument to behead chickens, not
something that Faye Copeland carried around regularly.

The writer of \"Family Bones\", Shawn Granger, says \"I thought the whole show was
funny in a weird way. To make it easy for everyone, Ray Copeland\'s father was my
great great grandfather; Ray was my great grandmother\'s brother. Al\'s my
grandmother\'s first cousin. I\'m sure it\'s easy enough to look up in some records
somewhere. My grandmother does live in California, but she doesn\'t remember Al
calling her.\"

\"What\'s really spooky is the poor video that NBC got of me and juxtaposed with the
interview of Al. I never realized the family resemblance before. It\'s not like we
hang out, especially not after the murders,\" Shawn said. \"Al says what he feels he
needs to. I\'m not going to bad mouth him. It\'s a very difficult subject for the
entire family as you can imagine. Not to mention the families of all the poor

\"We all deal with what happened in different ways. There are more than a few truths
about what happened so it depends on who you ask which truth you\'ll hear. Just look
at the heated debates on Faye\'s involvement in the crimes. Everyone has an opinion,
I don\'t think you\'ll ever get everyone to agree on one single truth.\"

\"I write comic books and I love the medium. If I was inspired to write my story in a
novel form I would, but I think the story I have to tell is better in comic form. If
someone wants to write a book about the incident then more power to them, though I
hope it\'s one of my cousins and not another book like the one that is already in
stores. That book isn\'t as accurate as it could be, plus it would have been nice if
they asked us if they could use the family photos of the kids.\"

The full blog article can be found at
\"Family Bones\" comic books can be downloaded for free at or purchased at comic book shops and bookstores.

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