Breeds Of Cattle, 2nd Edition

Released on: February 19, 2008, 11:51 pm

Press Release Author: Dr. Robert Hough

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: The highly-anticipated second edition of the classic 1987
volume by Herman R. Purdy is slated for an April, 2008, release.

Press Release Body: Springfield,Missouri ( ExpressPressRelease ) href=>Breeds of Cattle, 2nd Edition: The
highly-anticipated second edition of the classic 1987 volume by Herman R. Purdy is
slated for an April, 2008, release. The completely revised, updated, and expanded
text includes twelve additional breeds, bringing the grand total to forty-five with
a page count of 400. The new edition is fully illustrated with over 400 color and B
& W images, including reproductions of rare historic 19th century paintings
depicting what the older breeds might have looked like as well as modern full-color
formal portraits of a mature bull and cow of each breed to complement the thorough
and engagingly written text. The book\'s association authorized documentation
includes the history, origin, and phenotype of each breed, as well as current
statistics supplied by the top cattle breeders\' associations. The large (12" x 12")
coffee table book format offers more than easy readability. Additional information
and a sample viewing can be found at href=>

Excerpt from Foreword by John M. Meyer \"This book provides an excellent historical
overview of Breeds of Cattle raised in
the United States and internationally, along with information on each association's
breed registry. The beautiful 19th Century artwork provides readers with an idea of
what these animals may have looked like in the past. The excellent descriptive
essays on phenotype and modern photographs provide outstanding visuals reflecting on
what has changed and the changelessness.

This keepsake deserves a special place in the library of every college, university,
and high school in the United States, and in the homes and offices of everyone who
has ever owned purebred cattle or has an interest in them.\" - John M. Meyer

Passing judgment at over 1,200 shows around the world, the late Herman R. Purdy was
recognized as the world's most renowned beef cattle judge. After retiring from Penn
State University in 1972 as Professor Emeritus, Mr. Purdy went on to consult in
heard improvement, developing several influential herds.

R. John Dawes, founder and currently Executive Director of the Foundation for
Pennsylvania Watersheds has recently received the Three Rivers Environmental Award
for his successful campaign for the re-authorization of the Abandoned Mine Lands
Fund, bringing $1.4B to the state of Pennsylvania. Outside of being an effective
speaker and prolific writer, Mr. Dawes continues to manage his Angus herd at
Huntingdon Farm, which he and Mr. Purdy purchased in 1970.

Accomplished author, Dr. Robert Hough has many honors and awards for his services as
Board of Director for the Beef Improvement Federation and the President of the U.S.
Beef Breeds Council, services on the committee of the Whole Herd Reporting and the
Ultrasound Guidelines Committee, on the board of the National Pedigree Livestock
Council and Executive Vice President of the Red Angus Association where he was
inducted as one of the 50 most influential people.

Don Hutzel, one of the only persons to judge beef and dairy cattle at a world class
level has served on both beef and dairy council committees throughout his early
career. Since 1971 Mr. Hutzel has traveled world consulting and teaching the
practices of artificial insemination.

John M. Meyer, formerly Executive Secretary of the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders
Association of the USA and currently Chief Executive Officer and Executive Secretary
of the Holstein

Association USA, Inc. and President of the National Pedigree Livestock Council.

Book Details:
. Title: Breeds Of Cattle, Updated & Revised 2nd Edition (21st Anniversary
Commemorative Edition)
. Publisher: TRS Publishing Corp., Springfield , MO
. Release: April, 2008
. Authors: Herman R. Purdy, John Dawes & Dr. Robert Hough
. Format: Hardcover/Cloth
. Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches
. Pages: 400
. Illustrations: Over 400 full color and B & W Images
. Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
. Content: Essays on origin and history of 45 major breeds of beef & dairy cattle.
Including 12 new breeds not profiled in the first edition. Presents phenotype &
Production statistics for each breed. Provides addresses & web sites of all major
cattle breeders\' associations. Fully illustrated with over 400 images.
A pre-order discount of 20% is currently available, and will be until the mid April

For additional information and ordering, please contact:
TRS Publishing Corp. / Breeds Of Cattle
P.O. Box 14398
Springfield, Missouri 65814


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Contact Details: TRS Publishing Corp. / Breeds Of Cattle
P.O. Box 14398
Springfield, Missouri 65814

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