British Loan Clients Politer than Americans

Released on: February 5, 2008, 3:30 am

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Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: British loan applicants can congratulate themselves on being
polite and friendly. That\'s according to new research from a British loan broker.

Press Release Body: It\'s not something you expect from the land of \"Have a nice
day!\", but it seems that American loan customers could learn some manners from their
British counterparts. That\'s according to data released today from online loan
brokers may be a British loan broker, but they frequently get enquiries
through their online chat service from American clients seeking personal loans. It
seems that those enquiries are a mixed blessing, however.

\"We probably get about one in thirty live loan enquiries from Americans,\" says spokesperson, Abbi Rouse. \"They don\'t realise that they\'re on a
British site, so we direct them to our American page.\"

But whereas the British are unfailingly polite in their enquiries, the Americans
have a lot to learn.\'s data shows that a typical American
enquiry is abrupt, unfriendly and frequently discourteous by British standards.

\"The British are so lovely to deal with,\" says one operator who
prefers to remain anonymous. \"They always thank you for your help at the end [of an
online chat session]. I wish I could say the same about American callers, but they
don\'t say \'hello\', let alone \'goodbye\' or \'thank you\'. It took me aback at first,
but now I know what to expect.\" asked all their online chat operators for feedback on callers
and the question of manners was one of the surprise points raised. Whilst operators
\'rarely\' logged calls as \'negative\', invariably it was enquiries from across the
pond that got the thumbs down.

It appears that Europeans are also a friendly bunch, with operators praising the
efforts of loan seekers whose first language is not English.

\"We get a lot of enquiries from people who have trouble understanding the
application form,\" says\'s operator. \"We\'re always happy to
guide them through the application process and it\'s usually rewarding. They ask
politely and often apologise for asking! It\'s what we\'re here for, so it\'s not like
we mind.\"

So, whilst news reports may bemoan the death of old-fashioned courtesy, in the loans
business at least, it looks like the British still know how to mind their P\'s and
Q\'s even when they\'re investigating APRs!

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