Business Training Games - The Benefits

Released on: February 4, 2008, 9:05 am

Press Release Author: Julian Chamberlain

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: There is a great deal of hype surrounding training games,
including the recent survey of the worlds top 500 companies where 135 of the Global
Fortune 500 intend to adopt training games for learning, with the USA, UK and
Germany leading the way.

Press Release Body: The reality is that playing and having fun are two of the most
important elements in the education of a human being. When knowledge is acquired in
an enjoyable way memory retention is improved by over 70%.

Games appeal to the emotive side of learning. This method of learning generates a
positive experience when incorporated with important or critical subject matter.

Training Games are serious training tools designed to encourage people to gain a
deeper understanding of their subject and the challenges they face.

Using training games can help accelerate learning, by compressing the topic in to
focussed learning content that can be absorbed easily by the learner or trainee.

Despite their fun image our training games are very serious business tools used to
develop understanding and consistency throughout teams and organisations. A training
game creates a positive interaction between the learner and the topic in an
exhilarating and fun way.

One of the most important reasons why training games are so effective is down to
their cost effectiveness. In almost all cases the cost of training is slashed when
you consider the cost per learner in comparison with the capital outlay and the
improvement in knowledge retention.

Training games enable you to present real world situations in a relevant and real
time way, where learners feel the excitement, pressures, behaviours and perspectives
you can't engineer in any other way.

The great thing about using training games is that they package critical business
information and re-present it in a non-threatening way. The methodology of playing a
game generates a serious learning experience, delivered in a light-hearted
environment. The end result can be understanding and consistency throughout the
entire business giving your company that competitive edge.

There is a whole range of training games from Customer Service to First Aid with
prices from 99 and are available from . Their motto is: For
training to work, it has to be fun. If its fun, it will also be engaging and the
more engaging it is, the more memorable it becomes.

Try it might just be the best training you have ever seen!

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Contact Details: 01235 438 410

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