Businesses Fall in Love with Portable Storage

Released on: February 12, 2008, 11:11 pm

Press Release Author: Self Storage Promotions

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: The National Portable Storage Association offers countless
reasons to embrace the convenience of containerized storage this Valentine\'s Day.

Press Release Body: KANSAS CITY, MO. (February 8, 2007) - Portable storage
containers have been a boon for consumers who want to take some of the hassle out of
moving, but containerized storage can also be a boon for businesses. In fact,
businesses of all kinds are falling in love with portable storage because it is
convenient, flexible and safe.

\"Portable storage is stirring a love affair with businesses who need extra space,
either temporary or permanent, on site,\" said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director
the National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, a nonprofit membership
association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. \"We\'re
giving businesses plenty of reasons to love containerized storage. In fact, there
are more reasons all the time.\"

Businesses love portable storage because it serves as sort of mini-warehouse for
overstock goods, for example. Having containerized storage on site leaves extra room
inside the facility for employees to conduct business. Portable storage containers
also keep merchandise safe from weather elements in remodeling projects that could
leave goods exposed to wind, rain or snow. Portable storage containers also offer
security, keeping stored goods safe from vandals and thieves.

Beyond traditional storage purposes, businesses are also falling in love with the
alternative uses of portable storage. Containerized storage units can be morphed
into a flexible office system, a security station, a records storage area, and many
other uses. Since containerized storage can be modified to offer air conditioning,
added security, floor coverings, shelving and windows, among other customizations,
growing businesses can adapt portable storage to suit just about any need.

\"Portable storage meets the storage and expansion needs of companies in many
different industries,\" said NPSA Operations Manager Joel Rathbone. \"Construction
companies love them because they offer a cool room for on site administrative staff.
Accounting firms love them because they offer convenient records storage. Businesses
of all kinds are showing their love for these flexible container systems.\"

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The National Portable Storage Association
The National Portable Storage Association is dedicated to the advancement of the
portable storage industry. We at the NPSA are here to serve those in the portable
storage industry who rent, sell or lease containers, trailers and mobile offices.
The NPSA assists members with industry, regulatory and workforce issues; plus,
offers members networking, marketing and legislative support at national, state and
local levels.

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Jennifer LeClaire
Self Storage Promotions

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