California Firm Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

Released on: February 21, 2008, 9:34 am

Press Release Author: Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC

Industry: Construction

Press Release Summary: A California company has changed the way construction
companies handle documents.

Press Release Body: Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) is proud to
announce the debut of the most comprehensive tool available for the automation and
digitization of construction
documents. Utilizing their proprietary software program and rugged PC tablets, FACS
has changed the way Departments of Transportation, contractors, and major builders
will do business - today and in the future.

"Time costs money" is the most obvious benefit of tablet technology. A big part of
the FACS service-oriented solution, is that all client documents - such as plans,
specifications, CPMs and reports, are all processed and loaded onto portable

Field Inspectors are equipped with "ruggedized" PC tablets on the construction site,
which are waterproof and not as fragile as traditional laptops. Tablets can
instantly refer to contract plans, specifications, and correspondence, previously
stored in the office. At the same time, office personnel have access to all of the
same data as the field employees.

FACS software also includes linking all document references, so that the project
staff does not spend time thumbing through reams of Standard Specifications and
Special Specifications pages, referenced by contract plans. FACS also ensures that
all client documents are searchable and secure.

Another timesaving benefit of using FACS tablets is the wireless connectivity to
WiFi high-speed Internet and project data in the FACS database. Wireless
communication is indispensable for updating contract material, such as plans,
schedules and pay estimates. Using these tablets, updated material instantaneously
informs all parties involved, so that, contrary to traditional methods, all parties
base their decisions on current material.

Similarly, wireless connectivity allows for instant correspondence, streamlining the
communication and approval process.

All told, FACS combines everything needed to manage cost, schedule, document, and
plan controls in one easy-to-use system. The future of construction document
control is here today.

Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC, is the premier provider of wireless,
web-based program management solutions for large, complex construction projects.
FACS primary customer base is the construction industry due to its strong ability to
provide core construction management solutions whenever remote, secure, and robust
interactive access to project information is required.

Web Site:

Contact Details: FACS
500 Sansome Street, Suite 301
San Francisco, CA 94111

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