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Released on: February 18, 2008, 9:36 pm

Press Release Author: Murthy

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: London, February 19
There are no hidden costs either, save for a refundable Security Deposit which
varies from country to country. Care Globe, the London-based recruitment consultants
for nurses and health care workers, have achieved
a distinction by thoroughly training and finding placements for over 100
full-fledged nurses in the world's most sophisticated and demanding hospitals in the
USA within one month.

Press Release Body: Murthy- Business develop manager- Feb 19 - 2008 Care Globe's
operations extend to recruitment in/for Britain, Ireland, USA, Maldives,
Mauritius,Australia, Holland, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Singapore,
Philippines and so on.
They have different programs for various countries, depending on the local needs and
availability of health care staff. Care Globe's prestigious program is the Total
Training and Placement (TTP) which is specifically aimed at overseas nurses wishing
to migrate to the US on nursing visas. Under the TTP program, registered nurses
overseas are given thorough training in NCLEX-RN and IELTS which will enable them to
sit for the eligibility exam conducted by the
CGFNS (Commission on Graduation of Foreign Nurses) of the US and success in it makes
them eligible for well-paid jobs in that country.

What's more, many training and recruitment programs, including the TTP, are totally
free of cost for the nurses, and lands them good jobs in the lands of
opportunities.The Australian Migration Program (AMP) is another program
to enable nurses in Britain and Ireland to migrate Down Under. Under it nurses
already having PIN numbers in UK will be migrating to Australia where they will
receive fresh PIN numbers and work permits. It is through their R&D that Care Globe
consultants have found that there is shortage of well-trained health care staff in
many parts of the world, including the developed West. By introducing various
country-specific programs,
Care Globe has to the extent possible met with the nursing shortages. It is no
exaggeration, therefore, that Care Globe has maintained control over 20 per cent of
the nursing and health care workers' movement in the world. Owing to the fact that
it is in the services sector.

Care Globe lays stress more on its mission of reaching health care staff to the
needy areas than on profit, which fact distinguishes it from "agents" and
"agencies". Care Globe consultants do their best for their clients - the nursing
and health care staff on the one hand and the needy hospitals on the other. By doing
so, Care Globe
has derived immense goodwill from all its clients and accounts for the phenomenal
growth of its operations within a span of 4 years. This fact is vouched for by the
thousands of greetings from clients it regularly receives long after the placements
have been done. While strengthening its existing programs, Care Globe is now geared
to extend its operations to Pakistan and Sri Lanka and Persian Gulf. For further
details, log onto:

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