CentRealTech, Inc Unveils Their `One Click` Automated Title System

Released on: February 12, 2008, 12:00 pm

Press Release Author: Robert Matanane / CentRealTech, Inc.

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: CentRealTech, Inc. offers a comprehensive automated title
processing system that uses a secured web hosting platform for title companies with
access to a computerized title plant.

Press Release Body: EL DORADO HILLS, CA, Feb 12, 2008 --- Robert Matanane, President
and CEO of CentRealTech, Inc., which offers software and technology solutions for
the title insurance industry, recently announced the availability of its \"One Click\"
Automated Title System. Mr. Matanane states \"it\'s a complete system for title
companies using a computerized title plant to search and retrieve documents, and
aside from their automated title plant and document providers, is capable of
replacing all other software used to process title files and issue title products.\"

According to Mr. Matanane, the One Click System uses the customer\'s title plant and
document provider to automatically retrieve pertinent documents, maps, and
assessment information within minutes. Files may be submitted individually or in
large batches, and every file is \"simultaneously\" processed with other files, rather
than processed sequentially. Additional documents than those automatically assembled
by their software\'s logic can easily be retrieved directly from the title plant
indices through their system. The One Click System delivers an electronic title
file, yet any portions, or the entire title file, may be reproduced by a single
print request. Any document which can be digitized (e.g. documents prior to the
automated title plant, work maps, closing packages, Indemnity Agreements, etc.) is
easily associated with any file by their system, to naturally development entirely
\"paperless\" files. By eliminating the necessity of a physical file, opportunities to
process title transactions from either centers or remote locations of individual
users is simplified. This paperless potential could eliminate, or significantly
reduce, costs associated with finding files, printing, file storage, file retrieval,
file destruction, and disaster recovery of data. Desirable consumer enhancements,
such as hyperlinks to referenced documents which were retrieved through the system,
or subsequently associated with the file, are automatically inserted into title
product templates generated by their One Click System. These hyperlink benefits can
also be transferred from their system into a customer\'s existing system. The One
Click System automatically tracks processing progress in real time, so any other
tracking system becomes unnecessary. Preliminary reports and commitments may be
amended in seconds, and issuing policies through the One Click System is virtually a
by-product of approving the closing. The title company\'s data is completely
maintained within the United States at an SAP certified hosting web center, and
resolves many of the title company\'s Sarbanes/Oxley compliance concerns related to
redundancy, disaster recovery, and network access.

Mr. Matanane states \"we believe it is the most intuitive, comprehensive, and
flexible title processing system currently available. With one click, the user
automatically launches a series of complex technology functions. The greatest
efficiencies and cost savings come from using it as a complete title processing
system, but segments of the system may be used to compliment and enhance any system
the customer is currently using. We offer a full array of product options including
automated packages of documents for use with the title company\'s existing systems;
partially completed automated foundation products for them to supplement as
necessary, complete, and issue; or enhanced automated foundation products our
personnel have polished for them to review, supplement as necessary, and issue.
Through the CentRealTech Ultimate Program, a network of experienced and independent
title personnel who have been certified to use our software is available for our
title company customers to employ on a transaction basis to develop preliminary
reports/commitments, believed to be complete, which will be delivered to the title
company for their review and issuance. Our One Click System not only offers the most
advanced technology, but our business platforms and product options provide the most
flexibility for our customers to apply it. Without upfront capital expenditure or
long-term obligation, we\'re convinced our system surpasses the efficiency, speed,
and cost savings of any other automated or outsourcing option.\"

About CentRealTech, Inc.:

CentRealTech, Inc. is a recently formed and privately held software/technology
company located in El Dorado Hills, CA. It specializes in products and services for
the title insurance industry and its real estate and lender customers. Every member
of the Executive Team has extensive experience in information technology, software
and system development, and/or title insurance underwriting. Their collective skills
distinctively qualify them to develop software systems and provide services, which
are meaningful, efficient, and user friendly for their unique customers. For more
information about CentRealTech, Inc. visit their website at
http://www.centealtech.com or contact them at info@centrealtech.com to obtain
brochures or schedule a no-obligation demonstration.

Web Site: http://www.centrealtech.com

Contact Details: Robert Matanane, President

Dave Hall, Title Specialist/Director of Marketing

CentRealTech, Inc.
El Dorado Hills
CA, 95762

Phone: 916-273-9573
Fax: 916-939-5085
Email: info@centrealtech.com

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