Complete Profits University Helping People Supplement Their Income While Committing Selfless Acts Of Kindness

Released on: February 19, 2008, 1:30 pm

Press Release Author: Complete Profits University

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: 02/18/08. Calabasas, CA. The Complete Profits University has
started a new campaign known as their "paying it forward" campaign, focused on
getting people across the country to help others while helping themselves.

Press Release Body:
This brand new campaign is set up to not only help everyone everywhere to better
their own lives, but to also better the lives of others around them. If you have
every done any random act of kindness, you know the joy it can bring into your life.
Complete Profits University wants to spread that joy across the country while at
the same time helping people better their own life. It's no secret that the economy
is failing, and everyone across the country is feeling it.
Complete Profits University is confident that just because the country is being set
back, doesn't mean that you should take it or give up on yourself. Complete Profits
University wants everyone across the country to remember that if they do good deeds
for others, good deeds will be done for them. It's Karma, and embraces the Law of
Attraction. The Complete Profits University is constantly helping its students to
bring in unlimited extra income to help out with the day to day costs of living.
Complete Profits University has began renewing the golden rule, ("Treat others as
you would like to be treated.") Complete Profits University is embracing one main
focus, and that's helping people anywhere and anyway they can. The University now
has a way to do that, while helping others.
If everyone just took a little time out of their day to help another person without
expecting anything in return, and then that person returned the favor to another, it
would slowly grow and spread across the state, country, and eventually the world.
This is the "potentially overzealous" goal of The Complete Profits University
"Paying It Forward" campaign.

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Contact Details: Complete Profits University

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