Core Questions for Tier 1 Distributors Detailed by Rich Hite of QC Software

Released on: February 13, 2008, 5:34 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Core Questions for Tier 1 Distributors Detailed by Rich Hite
of QC Software

Press Release Body: Tier 1 distributors should ask themselves these questions about
warehouse efficiency.

. Are you growing so fast, you need help right now?
. Does it take too long to get an order out the door?
. Does your conveyor system look like the freeway during rush hour? (cartons
everywhere...but going nowhere)
. Are you losing customers to your competitors because you cannot ship orders fast
. Are you creating back-orders even though the SKU is in stock?
. Are you concerned that your WMS is remote (off-site) and/or connectivity problems
are bringing your operations to a halt?
. Is dealing with different material handling equipment vendors causing support
. Do you want to improve your warehouse operations, but can\'t afford a new WMS?

According to Rich Hite, President of QC Software (, a leading
warehouse control system software firm based in Cincinnati, OH, these are key
questions that have a bottom-line impact to distribution operations.

QC Enterprise is a suite of software products that encompasses all of the tools
necessary to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution

Traditionally, a Warehouse Control System (WCS) executes instructions provided by an
upper level host system, such as an ERP system or a WMS system. QC Enterprise, on
the other hand, is a true Tier 1 WCS which provides advanced management capabilities
including inventory control, resource scheduling and order management.

QC Enterprise is comprised of 4 tightly integrated modules which provide state of
the art warehousing capabilities and the QC Toolkit to easily configure QC
Enterprise and its modules to fit any warehouse environment.

QC Software is the leading provider of Tier 1 warehouse control systems to the
warehousing and distribution industries. Since 1996, QC Software, utilizing state
of the art technology combined with extensive research, development, and rigorous
testing, has developed the QC Enterprise suite of products. Designed to be modular
in nature, easily configurable, and platform independent, this highly scalable
solution satisfies the needs of any size warehouse.

QC Software, Inc.
Jerry List
(513) 469-1424

Web Site:

Contact Details: QC Software
11800 Conrey Rd.
Suite 150
Cincinnati, OH 45249

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