Could teeth whitening help quit smoking

Released on: February 16, 2008, 9:13 am

Press Release Author: Jason Edworthy

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Smoking like many addictions is incredibly hard to quit and
statistically only 2.5% of smokers successfully quit smoking each year.

Press Release Body: Smoking is addictive because cigarettes contain the drug called
nicotine. When people smoke, nicotine gets absorbed by the lungs and enters the
bloodstream. The body develops the tolerance to the increased amounts of nicotine.
Nicotine, being a psychoactive drug, changes the electrical activity of the brain.
Nicotine has calming effects and activates the pleasure centers in the brain.
Recently a huge industry has been developing on the back of people trying to quit
smoking and the result is smokers have many ways to quit smoking should they want.
Smoking has many unpleasant side effects other than just the associate health risks
and one of these is the staining to the teeth.

Many teeth whitening clients in the UK have the treatment to remove the staining
caused by smoking. Unlike other types of staining like red wine, coffee and tea
which all make the teeth a yellow colour. Smoking tends to create a grey colour to
the teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is a quick and effective treatment to remove all types of
staining and therefore is becoming a useful way to combat smoking. Many smokers
could see the benefits after the laser teeth whitening and then realize that
quitting smoking is a great idea.

One such company on the UK who offer laser teeth whitening is The White Teeth
Company -

A typical laser teeth whitening treatment will involve having a stain removing get
applied to the teeth and then the laser light cures the gel which impregnates the
enamel and removes the staining. The treatment normally lasts one hour and depending
on the level of staining the treatment can last up to 14-18 months.

The internet is a great resource for smokers to find information and talk to others
who are trying to quite smoking and like most things in life smokers will need to
find the right option which suits their budget and lifestyle but most importantly
will power is the most essential requirement to quite smoking.

Jason Edworthy is a leading specialist in laser teeth whitening and further
information can be found at or

Web Site: http://www,

Contact Details: The White Teeth Company
t 0845 862 0198

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