Dentists Dislike Dems (Especially Hillary)

Released on: February 27, 2008, 8:35 pm

Press Release Author: The Wealthy Dentist

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Two out of three dentists plan to vote for the Republicans
this November, according to a recent Wealthy dentist survey. Democratic dentists
preferred Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton by a margin of two to one.

Press Release Body: Two out of three dentists in a recent Wealthy Dentist survey
said they would vote for the Republican party in this November\'s presidential
election. Among Democratic dentists, only one in three preferred Hillary Clinton to
Barack Obama.

Gender played a major role in a dentist\'s political opinion. Male dentists in this
survey tended to favor the Republican party, while female dentists leaned toward the

Lots of Democratic voters are unimpressed with the country\'s progress during the
past eight years. \"This country need at least 4 years of intelligent leadership to
recover from the damage done by the last moron and his criminal cronies,\" wrote a
Democrat dentist. \"The Republicans are criminals who would like this country run as
the Nazis would have,\" offered another.

Republican dentists express a variety of concerns. \"Lower taxes, more security, less
government,\" said a Republican oral surgeon. \"McCain may not be Ronald Reagan but
the \'change\' Obama would foist upon the nation (higher taxes, more big government,
nationalized health care, disdain for national security and the military) would be a
disaster!\" said another.

Some find themselves wanting more candidates from which to choose. \"As the lesser of
two evils, I will vote Republican. I would have liked to see Ron Paul, the
Libertarian, win the nomination, but he just wasn\'t media savvy enough and didn\'t
have the appearance the media was looking for,\" said one Republican. \"I\'m scared of
both Hillary and Obama. We should have nominated Romney,\" asked another.

To some Republicans, Democrats look like Socialists. \"It\'s a clear choice between
the Democrats (aka Socialists) and McCain,\" said one. \"We need to pull away from the
forces of socialism in our country. Let\'s be smart and close our borders before we
meld into a socialistic country and lose all control of what we are and what we
stand for!\" commented another.

Sometimes, all Republicans can do is pray. \"Dear God, Have mercy on us!\" wrote one.
\"God, please don\'t let the Democrat win!\" seconded another.

The \"lesser of two evils\" mantra was repeated time and again. \"It stinks. I\'ll hold
my nose and vote for McCain,\" sniffed a Republican dentist. \"Pathetic,\" sighed a
Democrat dentist.

The battle between Clinton and Obama rages among Democratic dentists. \"Barack might
have charisma, but he is all talk and NO action. He is a pup. Why would the world\'s
leading nation put a baby in the White House?\" asked one. \"We need Obama to get away
from all the negativity that Clinton irrationally evokes in people. He can also lead
us through these troubled times better than she can,\" offered another.

Democratic dentists vigorously defended their candidates. \"Obama gives us the best
chance to reverse all the damage done by these guys,\" wrote one. \"Hillary is the
salvation of our country,\" opined another.

\"Just as I suspected - dentists are not terribly liberal!\" exclaimed Jim Du Molin,
dental management consultant and founder of dental marketing resource The Wealthy
Dentist. \"I\'m sure this will not surprise the non-dentists out there, since the
profession is generally known for being conservative.\"

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